Why is the full body marble tiles expensive?

Posted by aihw on November 30th, 2020

    The full body marble tile is an upgraded product of the marble tile whose large tile body is basically the same as the surface texture color. On the tile body, the color, texture and function are very close to natural stone, with rich texture, transparent texture, and high-end atmosphere. It is a rare good product for home improvement. But there are still many people who don’t understand why the price of full body marble tiles is so much higher than that of similar products. Why?

    The full body marble tile has the consistency of the natural stone appearance and the inner blank, while the traditional marble tile does not, and the full body marble tile is to create a marble tile with the same surface and the inside.

In addition to the high price caused by the nature of the full body marble tile product, it is also related to its unique advantages. The full body marble tile has rich colors, diverse texture lines, and strong permeability, which meet the needs of diversified products; it can achieve perfect texture presentation from any angle and any cutting method, and achieve real texture throughout; it is pressed by a high-tonnage press Forming and high-temperature firing, the finished bricks have a more delicate color and good product quality; the texture and color of nature are truly restored, and it is easy to create high-end decoration styles and high-grade.

At present, the full body marble tiles in the industry adopt top-notch craftsmanship. The three-combination of body color mixing or fabric, inkjet printing and silk screen effect glaze. The higher production cost is also a major reason for the higher product prices. Full body marble tiles also have the characteristics of a wide range of applications, whether it is kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and even high-end hotels, restaurants, clubs and other high-end places, which is one of the reasons for the higher prices.

What is a good marble tile like?

The development of the building materials market has given birth to a new home decoration material: marble tiles. Now many people choose this home decoration material, especially the younger generation, because the natural texture and texture of marble tiles conform to the vane of modern home decoration styles. So, what exactly is a good marble tile? The first-line brand of marble tiles-Overland Ceramics tells you!

A good marble tile needs to meet the following conditions:

The first is the appearance of the product. If the appearance of marble tiles is more than 90% similar to natural marble, it is good in appearance. In terms of texture clarity and color, it is basically impossible to distinguish between marble tile and marble stone, so it can be temporarily determined that it is a good marble tile.

Then there is the texture aspect of the product. Good marble tiles will definitely outperform natural marble stone in terms of texture, even in terms of hand and light perception. It gives people the feeling of being natural, real and natural. Touching from the touch, it has the feeling of history. All in all, the more like it is, the better.

Finally, there is the issue of production strength. Ceramic tile manufacturers with the core technology of marble tiles must be companies that have strict product requirements and are responsible to consumers. Only the products that are produced in the market are good marble tiles. The first-line brand of marble tiles, Overland Ceramics, is one such enterprise. It is a responsible ceramic manufacturer and a consumer-satisfied product.

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