October 1, 2010

12 Years Ago by salim14
How to Spot a Poker Tell
Tells are one of the most important aspects of poker. They are considered as a good way to get clues and hints about the cards that your opponents hold. A good poker player knows that the amount of money that his opponent bets on has nothing to do with
12 Years Ago by salim14
Tips for successfull Horse Racing Betting
Horse racing betting is not only a thrilling and exciting game but also a lucrative activity if you know how to do it perfectly. Well, the basic idea of horse racing betting is to outdo the odd compilers or the odd makers( people that set the odds on
12 Years Ago by salim14
How to play Let It Ride
The object of the game is to get a pair of 10s or better using three cards dealt to the players and two community cards given to the dealer. After each player receives his / her cards the dealer discards one card leaving two cards face down in front of
12 Years Ago by salim14
Let it ride
Let it ride is a casino variation of poker which is generally played against the casino rather than other players. The game's relatively slow pace and chance to pull back two of three bets has made let it ride popular with older players and table game

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