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What is the whole concept of jackpot prize in the ITV Pick 7 competition
For every competition, a jackpot prize is made available by the Promoter. The amount of the prize depends on the entry points for the Pick 7 competition. Generally, the jackpot prize for non-broadcast competitions is kept at £1000. This is usually displayed on the Entry Points. The jackpot prize is given to that individual who has successfully been abl...
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What is the maximum number of entries assigned for the game of Pick 7
The number of entries is restricted to one per person per Pick 7 competition. ITV7 holds competitions each week at the discretion of the Promoters. An individual can grab entries for himself for each week's competition. But, for a particular competition, only a single entry is required to make. If by any means, the Promoter finds out that an individual has m...
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What are the opening and closing dates for the Pick 7 competition
The ITV Pick 7 competition is generally made open to the entries via the Entry Points. The Entry Points consist of ITV7 mobile app, ITV Racing mobile app and ITV website. These three platforms altogether form the Entry Points. The opening date and time are usually announced on these entry points. Also, the announcement of the competition's closing date and t...
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