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Ground Gained in America?s War on Cancer
Early detection, better treatments and awareness efforts are all playing a part in helping America gain ground in its continued battled against cancer. The latest numbers show a reduction in overall cancer-related deaths, but the good news doesn’t mean complacency is allowed.The positive news comes from a new report published in the Journal of the Nati...
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Radiation after Mastectomy Numbers Raise Alarm
Radiation therapy following a mastectomy to treat breast cancer is a standard of care for patients with N2/N3 breast cancer that cuts the risk for recurrence while improving overall survival rates in many cases. Yet, a new study out of the Louisiana State University Health Services Center shows that about a third of all patients in the United States are not ...
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Relieving Cancer-Related Pain
Cancer comes attached to many physical and emotional changes and pain is one of those symptoms that many people have to face - whether its pain related to the disease itself or to the treatment used to tackle the disease. A cancer diagnosis can make you feel very out of control - it seems that so much is out of your hands. But this does not mean that patient...
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Deciphering Next Steps in Cancer Treatment
Once a cancer diagnosis is made it’s on to the treatment plan - the details of which can be vastly overwhelming for patients. There is so much on the line and so much on the table with regard to the options. It’s most important that patients are working with a doctor and a medical team with which they feel supported in a relationship of mutual tr...
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Brachytherapy for Breast Cancer
Advancements are being made every day in the world of cancer care and breast cancer is no exception. One of the more effective, cutting-edge treatments in breast cancer care is brachytherapy or internal radiation. Brachytherapy offers a highly aggressive method for pinpointing cancer cells while still allowing patients to resume their normal day-to-day activ...
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The Financial Component of Cancer Treatment
Fighting cancer can take a lot out of anyone - both physically and emotionally. There is a lot to manage on any given day and it can be all that anyone can do to just navigate their treatment and still go about their normal daily activities. But the financial aspect is another component of cancer treatment and it’s not something that is talked about to...
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Why Surgical Removal of Tumors Is Often Just a First Step
When a tumor is found and confirmed as malignant, cancer patients find themselves at the center of a whirlwind of activity. For many, the process of fighting the disease only begins with surgery. After that, a host of treatments come into play that is designed to ensure cancer cells have been properly removed and that the likelihood of recurrence is lessened...
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Surrounding Yourself With A Top-Notch Cancer Care Team
Tackling a cancer diagnosis requires having a variety of tools in your arsenal. Beyond anything, however, most important is your choice of cancer care team. This is the medical group that will be charged with your care on many levels and you no doubt want a team that is up to the challenge at hand. In fact, you want a team that has been recognized as being a...
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Are You at Risk for Colorectal Cancer?
Colorectal cancer is the third most common form of this disease. Like many other forms of cancer, this type can be quite successfully fought and won, but the key is detecting it early and acting quickly to stop the disease in its tracks. The American Cancer Society estimates more than 100,000 new cases of this disease are diagnosed annually.It’s impo...
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Comprehensive Support in Cancer Care
Cancer care is a multi-faceted, integrated approach to treating what is a very complicated disease. Those undergoing treatment quickly come to realize that there is much more involved than undergoing surgery and related treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. While these cancer treatments, and other treatments like it, are vital to the cancer patient&...
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