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Looking for Organic King Size Mattresses in Pennsylvania?
Today, the majority of mattresses are made of synthetic fibers like foam and other materials that are loaded with chemicals. Mattress stuffing like wool or cotton is also processed with chemicals and pesticides, some of which are potentially carcinogenic so they can last a long time with constant use.Because the average person spends at least one third of ...
Posted by TheOrganicMattressStore - Posted 5 Years Ago

Things to Consider When Choosing Organic Cotton Pillows
Pillows are an extremely personal accessory—one that you are literally face-to-face with every sleeping hour. Because of its nature, it is important that you think about what goes into the soft cushion that cradles your head every time you recharge for the day. Cotton organic pillows are common options, but apart from these hypoallergenic choices, ther...
Posted by TheOrganicMattressStore - Posted 4 Years Ago

Organic Cotton Baby Mattress ? The Best Gift for Your Child
Did you know that the materials commonly used in crib mattresses can be harmful—even life threatening—to your baby? The fact that they are used by the majority of manufacturers does not make them safe. Since the mattress industry cannot protect your child, you as the parent should take steps yourself. Consider switching to a non-toxic organic bab...
Posted by theorganicmattressstore - Posted 5 Years Ago

Reasons to Choose an Organic Mattress for Sound Sleep
If you have difficulty sleeping, perhaps it’s time to switch to an organic mattress. A majority of people who choose to go the organic route report significant improvement in the quality of their sleep—and consequently their waking life, as they wake up feeling more refreshed, more alert, and with a better disposition. Some have reported having d...
Posted by theorganicmattressstore - Posted 5 Years Ago

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Wool Mattress Pad for Your Bed
Mattress pads are more than just additional covering for your bed. While these bed accessories do offer protection and coverage from a mattress' typical wear and tear, the right topper can also keep your bed from dust, dander, dirt, and spills, while others can help keep it at a comfortable sleeping temperature. Some mattress pads can even reduce how much yo...
Posted by TheOrganicMattressStore - Posted 4 Years Ago

Organic Twin Mattress
If the old mattress is keeping you awake instead of ushering you into a nice, restful sleep, it is high time to consider buying a brand new mattress that will help you improve the quality of your nightly rest. Some symptoms of a bad mattress include waking up tired on a constant basis, increased pressure points, saggy edges, and loss of firmness. More than t...
Posted by theorganicmattressstore - Posted 4 Years Ago

Benefits of Sleeping on an Organic Mattress
A great amount of toxins and chemicals lurk under your covers if you still sleep on a conventional mattress. To comply with fire safety codes, many everyday products are doused in PBDEs (polybrominated diphenylethers) or some other form of chemical fire retardant, including your mattresses. Long-term exposure to these chemicals poses a great risk to human he...
Posted by theorganicmattressstore - Posted 4 Years Ago

Organic Innerspring Mattresses are Great for Sleeping
 Innerspring mattresses are the most common type of mattresses being sold today. A typical innerspring type of mattress consists of three parts: the foundation, upholstery layers, and the spring core. Innerspring mattresses are one type of organic mattress that you can buy (the other being organic rubber (natural latex mattresses). Are They B...
Posted by TheOrganicMattressStore - Posted 5 Years Ago

Organic Wool Mattress Topper A Warm Element for Your Night
Keeping your heater on, at full blast so you can be warm and toasty during bitter cold nights can be quite an expensive luxury. If you want to save on your electric, or oil bill, reduce your home's carbon footprint, and be comfortable without having to rely on your heater at night, here are some helpful tips you can try to add warmth in the air during partic...
Posted by theorganicmattressstore - Posted 4 Years Ago

Compelling Reasons to Buy an Organic Crib Mattress
It's in the nature of new parents to worry, especially when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of their newborn. From protecting your young babe from bumps and bruises, watching closely what they eat, and making sure that they are sleeping well, caring for a young child is a huge responsibility that should never be taken lightly. All these and more are onl...
Posted by theorganicmattressstore - Posted 4 Years Ago

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