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LED solar street lamp manufacturers failure should be how to solve?
LED solar street light with energy conservation and environmental protection as the main selling point, is increasingly widely used in modern life, LED solar street light is known by more and more people, some LED solar street light manufacturers do not pay attention to quality, leading to LED solar street light failure when do not know how to solve. In the ...
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How much does a solar street lamp cost?
Rural solar street lamps prices actually does not have a specific standard, because of the different parts of the sunshine time is different, and customer demand for street lamps and other source is also different, so the requirements of each customer quote manufacturer of solar street lamp is different, the resulting price also have high low, prices vary, d...
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What Problems Exist In The Use Of Ultraviolet Sterilizing Lamp
Ultraviolet sterilizing lamp has strong sterilizing ability. It is suitable for sterilization in health, medical treatment, biological research, pharmaceutical industry and food industry. It can also be used for photochemical reaction and air disinfection in food storage and room. This product is convenient to use, simple to operate, long life and reliable e...
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What are the advantages of LED lights?
LED lamps have many advantages over traditional bulbs. They build on the best parts of previous generation bulbs, while being inefficient. The following by MYLIGHT Indoor Lighting Suppliers to introduce several advantages of LED lights:Advantages of LED lights1. Life is longThe components of LED lights and how they glow greatly extend the life of these...
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How to repair solar street lamp?
Nowadays, solar energy application technology is becoming more and more mature, and the use of solar street lamp is becoming more and more extensive. It is inevitable that there will be faults when using solar street lamp. If there are faults, they should be repaired. Check out how to repair solar street lamp with SRS solar street lamp manufacturers.One, t...
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Common faults and solutions of LED bulbs
Now, led lights are very popular, slowly replacing incandescent lights. Because of its high brightness, low consumption, many styles and beautiful appearance, it is very popular among consumers. But after using for a period of time, LEDs will become dimmed or the lights will flicker. What's the matter? Today, we will analyze the common faults of a led light ...
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Why do some cars only light up one rear fog lamp
I wonder if the car owners have paid attention to the rear fog lights of their cars, are they one or two? I believe that many people’s first reaction is affirmative, of course there are two! In fact, there are indeed two rear fog lights when they are not in use. However, when the rear fog lights of some cars are turned on, only one lights up. What is g...
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What is the difference between fog lights and low beam lights?
Why can't we use fog lights as daily lights? The difference between fog lights and low beam lights is the angle of illumination, brightness, light source penetration, etc. In these aspects, fog lights are stronger than low beam lights. The fog lamp for car does not have a hood, and the power of the bulb is high, and the light source has strong penet...
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How to install LED light bulbs safely
As a necessary lighting appliance in life, led bulbs often need to be replaced. As a life expert, how can you not install bulbs? Now let’s talk about how to install led bulbs. Those who don’t know how to install bulbs themselves should learn quickly. 1. Prepare a led light bulb, the power is 40W for general household use, and confirm the...
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Reasons for dimming LED light bulbs
Guangli introduces the reasons for the dimming of LED light bulb.1. The quality of LED products:1. The LED chip used is of poor physique and the brightness decays quickly.2. There are defects in the production process, and the heat dissipation of the LED chip cannot be well derived from the PIN pin, which causes the high temperature of the LED chip and...
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