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alina ben

alina ben

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Diluted Water-Based Solutions - For Effective Odor Suppression
Remediation and construction work sites are the breeding ground of harmful odors released from contaminated soils. They are basically noxious organic odors or hazardous VOCs. Odor suppression is important to enable workers to work without any disruption. The VOC- ‘What is it’ and measures against it?The VOC i.e. volatile organic compounds are org...
diluted solution, odor suppression, water based, pressure washer, solution, odor, soil - Posted by alinaben98 - Posted 2 Years Ago

All You Need To Know About Enhanced Aerobic Bioremediation
Oxygen levels in soil and aquifers are rapidly depleting due to pollution and other human activities like drilling and spillage of chemicals or petroleum hydrocarbons on the surface of the soil. All this is causing serious contamination in the underground soil and water.The health of soil and underground water is primarily defined by its oxygen level. One of...
enhanced aerobic, service provider, aerobic bioremediation, rapidly depleting, soil, aerobic, oxygen - Posted by alinaben98 - Posted 3 Years Ago

Points to Consider When Choosing Fuel Storage Tank Cleaning Products
Management of fuel storage tanks is a challenging task. When a fuel storage tank has been in service for an extended period of time, the tank will gradually deteriorate and be in need of thorough inspection and possibly repair. A periodic external visual inspection is needed. Occasionally, perhaps once every 5 to 20 years (depending on tank condition), the o...
storage tank, fuel storage, tank cleaning, worker safety, tank, storage, fuel - Posted by alinaben98 - Posted 3 Years Ago

The Importance of Cleaning Fuel Tanks: Prevent Expensive Repairs and Other Costs
Diesel generators are crucial when it comes to keeping hospitals, data centers, and grocery stores powered. However, maintenance is key to ensuring the consistent performance of fuel tanks.There are two main enemies of fuel tanks: water vapor, and bacteria. Water vapor condenses in fuel tanks, which incites microbial growth. This may result in severe micro...
fuel tanks, water vapor, microbial growth, fuel storage, water, tanks, fuel - Posted by alinaben98 - Posted 2 Years Ago

Tank Cleaning & Degassing: An Essential Aspect of Oil Industry Operations
Production, terminal and refinery operations of oil companies, both large and small are among the highest risk, most highly capitalized, and highly regulated operations in all of industry. One way to manage and reduce operating risk in the oil industry is to establish an excellent standard of scheduled/preventative maintenance across all processes, from prod...
tank cleaning, storage tanks, manned entry, fuel storage, tank, storage, degassing - Posted by alinaben98 - Posted 3 Years Ago

Use BioSolve Pinkwater for Aerobic Bioremediation of Hydrocarbon Contaminated So
The term “soil remediation” encompasses a broad range of processes and products designed to eliminate different types of contaminants from soil. Contaminants of concern may be petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, pesticides, metals, creosote, and cyanides amongst many others. Soil remediation is undertaken to return the quality of co...
soil remediation, aerobic bioremediation, ex situ, biosolve pinkwater, soil, remediation, situ - Posted by alinaben98 - Posted 4 Years Ago

Specialized Fuel/Oil Spill Cleanup Products are Needed in Environments That Incl
Oil or fuel spill emergencies can create a management crisis if management does not have a robust response plan. Having an emergency spill response plan is the key to effectively managing and oil/fuel spill and avoiding the hard questions from regulators and the media after an accident has taken place. An oil spill cleanup plan that includes immediate access...
spill cleanup, fuel spill, oil spill, spill response, spill, oil, cleanup - Posted by alinaben98 - Posted 3 Years Ago

Used As An Alternative To Foam, BioSolve Pinkwater Creates A Barrier That Keeps
The unique, patented, water-based, and non-hazardous biodegradable formulation, BioSolve Pinkwater is mainly used at the significant remediation and construction work sites that are engaged with excavating the contaminated soils eventually, releasing the noxious organic odors, and hazardous VOCs, Volatile Organic Compounds, in the environment. The best alter...
biosolve pinkwater, water based, tank cleaning, pinkwater creates, pinkwater, biosolve, water - Posted by alinaben98 - Posted 2 Years Ago

Pinkwater: Perfect for Fuel Storage Tank Cleaning, Vapor Suppression, Emergency
With so many different products on the market today targeting specific industrial applications, it’s hard to find one product that can be highly effective in many applications. That is, until you try Pinkwater, manufactured by The BioSolve Company. Pinkwater, sold as a Hydrocarbon Mitigation Agent, is a blend of non-ionic surfactants and other performa...
vapor suppression, tank cleaning, fuel storage, storage tank, pinkwater, oil, cleaning - Posted by alinaben98 - Posted 4 Years Ago

Objectives of Fuel Tank Sludge Removal, Cleaning, and Maintenance
When it comes to the scheduled maintenance or cleaning of a fuel storage tank, there are certain objectives that need to be fulfilled in order to make the whole process deliver the expected outcome. First and the foremost objective of fuel tank cleaning or maintenance is to provide safe working conditions to your workers. Dealing with dangerous fuels day in ...
fuel tank, tank sludge, sludge removal, tank cleaning, tank, maintenance, fuel - Posted by alinaben98 - Posted 3 Years Ago

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