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I'm a certified financial adviser,lives in Delhi.
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Must know popular business ideas for women entrepreneurs in India
If you are one of those aspirants, refer to the most prospective business ideas for women. Formulate and execute a plan successfully with a well thought out strategy. Learn all about the best business ideas for women and how to arrange for the funds.Top business ideas for women entrepreneurs in IndiaFashion designer: Women have always been interested...
business ideas, women entrepreneurs, best business, social media, women, business, ideas - Posted by anujkrpandey - Posted 1 Year Ago

Here's how to start at-home mechanical engineering business
Over the past few years, the engineering sector in India has experienced incredible growth, making significant contributions to the nation’s economy. Of the many branches, mechanical engineering emerges as the evergreen section associated with designing, development and construction of almost every system and physical device around. It deals with conce...
mechanical engineering, engineering business, business ideas, business plan, engineering, business, mechanical - Posted by anujkrpandey - Posted 1 Year Ago

Tips you Should Remember while Choosing the Best SuperCard
Credit cards are of various types, tailor-made to fulfil the unique financial requirements of individuals. These provide special incentives like cashbacks, discount, gifts, reward points, complimentary services, etc. depending on the type of card used.Certain financial institutions, like Bajaj Finserv, pack all these features into one card with their indus...
bajaj finserv, credit card, reward points, rbl bank, supercard, rs, finserv - Posted by anujkrpandey - Posted 1 Year Ago

An Overview on FY19 Gold, Gems and Jewellery Export Owing to GST
On the historic 30th June 2017 when GST replaced India’s labyrinth of taxes – all sectors including the gold industry were affected by this new fiscal reform. The World Gold Council stated that GST created an initial higher tax rate for gold, but the overall impact of GST on gold exports in India has been positive ever since.Scenario of gold in...
registration procedure, jewellery business, gst registration, year 2019, jewellery, gst, gold - Posted by anujkrpandey - Posted 1 Year Ago

Expand Your Sports Equipment Manufacturing Business in Asansol
The Raniganj Coalfield, covering a significant portion of Asansol, is the oldest and 2nd largest coalfield in India. Mining began in 1820, and the current estimated size of the colliery is more than 750 sq. km.Other than coal, steel production also contributes largely to Asansol’s economy in the form of Indian Iron and Steel Company Ltd. (IISCO) stee...
business loan, sports equipment, manufacturing business, equipment manufacturing, loan, business, asansol - Posted by anujkrpandey - Posted 1 Year Ago

Grow Your Equipments Manufacturing Business in Jamshedpur with Bajaj Finserv
G From sketching out the financial expenses to the availability of all the raw materials and advanced technology for the production unit, it becomes a tough task for the owners to manage all the expenses along with the day to day financial requirement in the manufacturing business. The requirement of the capital needed for such purposes can be dealt with Baj...
manufacturing business, equipments manufacturing, business loans, business loan, manufacturing, equipments, business - Posted by anujkrpandey - Posted 2 Years Ago

Expand Your Small Manufacturing Business in Mysuru
There are many who come here from the neighboring regions each year in the hopes of starting their own business. There are many leading banks and NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv which have office here and it has made it easier for the SMEs in the city to apply for a business loan in Mysuru. It is one of the easiest ways to finance the business and many small manufa...
business loan, raw materials, small manufacturing, paid off, loan, business, materials - Posted by anujkrpandey - Posted 2 Years Ago

Grow Your Small Business in Vadodara with Bajaj Finserv
Gujarat has always been considered the hub of business in modern India and there are a number of existing as well as budding SMEs and MSMEs in the city. Small businesses are the backbone of the economic world and in Vadodara, it has greatly helped shape the economy to a large extent. Thanks to banks and NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv, it is now much easier to gain...
bajaj finserv, business loans, business loan, raw materials, business, loans, loan - Posted by anujkrpandey - Posted 2 Years Ago

Business Loan in Aurangabad: Easy Tips to Expand Textile Business
If you are a small or big business owner in the textile field and if you are thinking to take your business to the next level by expanding it, you are not alone.There are hoards of people looking to expand their textile businesses in Aurangabad as the Maharashtra town has emerged as a new center for textile production and growth.Expansion needs money and...
textile business, business loan, new machines, market research, textile, business, aurangabad - Posted by anujkrpandey - Posted 2 Years Ago

Learn the Importance of CIBIL Score While Availing CA Loan
There are various purposes for which chartered accountants require a loan. It can be starting a new CA firm, buying a home, expanding one’s existing business, financing a child’s higher education, etc. Chartered accountants can avail customised loans to suit their specific requirements. Lenders like Bajaj Finserv offer CA Loan that is an exclusiv...
cibil score, credit rating, ca loan, chartered accountants, score, loans, loan - Posted by anujkrpandey - Posted 2 Years Ago

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