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Acrylic Pouring
Pouring is a technique of artistic creation which allows to realize a canvas, a painting, an abstract creation with acrylic paint in application of random pours which will form a mixture of paint with random effects and accumulations of cells.The cells are sought, these are effects of "cells" round spots that appear on the canvas thanks to an additive, liqui...
vinyl glue, fluid paints, acrylic pouring, acrylic paint, pouring, paints, paint - Posted by faessi - Posted 6 Months Ago

Painting for Beginners - First Steps and Tips
Painting pictures can have its pitfalls. But if you find the beginning, the process runs by itself. In order for you to find this introduction, we have created an information portal for all art enthusiasts and prospective artists on the subject of learning to paint. We want to give you the most important tips right at the beginning: Not too top-he...
oil painting, acrylic paints, watercolour painting, relatively easy, pastel, painting, paint - Posted by faessi - Posted 1 Year Ago

Everything you need to know about guinea pigs
General information about guinea pigsThey are sociable and live in groups in their South American homeland. Without contact to other guinea pigs they do not feel comfortable, therefore at least two guinea pigs should be kept together. Two females will get along well with each other, it is also possible to hold a castrated buck together with two or more fem...
guinea pigs, guinea pig, species appropriate, year round, pigs, guinea, pig - Posted by faessi - Posted 1 Year Ago

Create your own Alcohol inks
Here is a quick tutorial on how to create your own Alcohol Inks.Unfortunately there is no white in this ink. And white ink is absolutely necessary with this technique, because otherwise the finished parts become much too dark. The three basic colours of the ink (cyan, magenta, yellow) mixed together result in black.  Without white ink the result wou...
white ink, own alcohol, dried up, colored ink, ink, white, drop - Posted by faessi - Posted 5 Months Ago

Acrylic Pouring techniques
Acrylic pouring techniques are numerous. Many are only modified forms and adaptations from original techniques that lead to new results with new aids. I would like to introduce the basic techniques to you here.In the first part I concentrate on the methods, which deal with different variants of pouring the color. In the next section I will deal with the furt...
painting surface, acrylic pouring, dirty cup, flip cup, pouring, pour, painting - Posted by faessi - Posted 8 Months Ago

Resin Epoxy and wood - a combination that lasts
Epoxy resin and wood - how does it fit together?Epoxy resin and wood go together perfectly. Wrapping wood with a layer of epoxy resin is easy and gives the wood a beautiful coating that accentuates the colour of the wood and makes the grain shine. Different properties of resin productsEpoxy resin or resin is a two-component material that cures w...
epoxy resin, resin layer, resin epoxy, measuring cup, wood, resin, epoxy - Posted by faessi - Posted 1 Year Ago

Horse species explained - The Warmbloods
What's a warmblood horse? Which breeds are there among the warm-blooded horses and what distinguishes these horses? This and much more can be found in this article about the optimal combination of cold-blooded and thoroughbred horses.What are Warmbloods?General informationWhether cold blood, whole blood or warm blood has nothing to do with the body tem...
warmblood breeds, cold blood, whole blood, warmblood horses, warmbloods, warmblood, horses - Posted by faessi - Posted 11 Months Ago

Reinventing Acrylic Pouring
There are numerous techniques in acrylic pouring. Many of them are also just modified forms and adaptations of original techniques that lead to new results with new tools. The basic techniques I would like to introduce to you here.In the first part I will concentrate on the methods which deal with different variations of pouring the paint. In the next sectio...
painting surface, acrylic pouring, wiping technique, top coat, surface, paint, over - Posted by faessi - Posted 6 Months Ago

Find your hobby - A guide for sporty hobbies
In addition to work, children and the many obligations in everyday life, you are often happy when you can simply drop a bowl of popcorn into the sofa and let yourself be sprinkled by the TV. But every now and then you wish there was something else. Something you look forward to after work, something you pursue passionately and something where you have time f...
table tennis, sporty hobbies, ultimate frisbee, playing frisbee, hobby, frisbee, climbing - Posted by faessi - Posted 11 Months Ago

Resin Epoxy table instruction
Step 1: Remove the edge of the woodboardRemove a forest edge that may not be desired using a suitable tool. Step 2: Seal the edge of the forestForest or bark edges can be pre-impregnated and sealed with the epoxy resin SR Surf Clear EVO and hardener SD SC EVO MED. This avoids excessive resin absorption and prolonged outgassing of the wood; these...
several steps, resin mixture, resin hardener, middle chamber, resin, wet, table - Posted by faessi - Posted 8 Months Ago

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