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What do you buy in a flat 50% off sale from Jabong?
The Jabong Big Billion 10 Sale, with flat 50% off and even more offers for you is all set to be the biggest online sale of the year. You can be sure that everyone is going to be flocking to the sale to get the best discounts on the biggest brands for the wide range of products. So, of course you will need a strategy before you head on to tackle the virtual c...
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Things to consider before buying kid?s dresses online
Everybody loves their kids and wants to buy the best quality dresses for him or her. However, shopping for kids is not very easy, as there are a lot of things that need to be kept in mind to get the rightful satisfaction along with good value for your money.If you are not very sure about the things, that you need to keep in mind, before buying dresses for ...
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The Best Things About Summer
With summers come high temperatures and harsh sunlight, but we should always be about the silver lining. Whether you love summer or winter, you will have to agree that both have their own charm. If you’re a bit sad about the loss of cool days and colder nights, here are some of the best things about summer: The best summer clearance saleAs s...
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Guide to Shopping in Online Clearance Sales
A clearance sale online provides people with the chance to curate thousands of regular, office, and fashion essentials and that too at fairly reduced prices. For any smart shopper, a clearance sale online is no less than Christmas.An online shopping sale, along with coupons (in some cases) could get one some real good items at dirt cheap prices. ...
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Androgynous Fashion: To What Extent Does It Work in Daily Life?
The fashion industry is supposed to be about bending looks and breaking boundaries with newer fashion statements. And recently, there’s been a new trend on the industry’s radar that has been gaining popularity rapidly, and it’s called androgynous fashion. The new fashion wave of trends inspired by core masculine and feminine fashion has tur...
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The Famous Men - How big is their shoe size?
It happens a good many times that you go out to buy shoes only to return home disappointed. And if you are having a really bad day, you’ll end up selecting a pair of shoes online only to see ‘Out of Stock’ appear in front of your eyes to add to your dejection. Either the shoes you wanted were not available in the required size, or a si...
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Handbags that every woman should own
The relationship between a woman and her handbag is beyond compare. We carry our worlds in them. We may forget our phones but we would never leave behind our handbags. No matter how many we own, we will always be on the lookout for a new addition to our collection. The huge variety of bags that are available in the market today, from clutches to weekenders a...
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Sports Shoes powered by technology; a sign of what?s to come
In 1916, The United States Rubber Company introduced Keds, which was the first mass-produced shoe marketed as a “sneaker.” In 1978, the founder of Nike, Bill Bowerman, patented his waffle-soled running shoe concept, as this design provided better traction. The use of spikes in sports shoes to increase grip and running speed was introduced in 18...
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For the Love of Boots
A trouser can be tailored for a proper fit, an ill-fitting shirt can be hidden under a smart jacket, but can you hide untrendy boots? Revamping your shoe closet from time to time is as important as all the other practices of your dressing up routine.Desert BootsThe first thing that comes to the mind when someone says “boots” is strong high-an...
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