Thought Energies

Posted by Mendoza Valencia on February 15th, 2021

Thoughts have energy. They express themselves in non-verbal ways usually. They communicate essential information to everyone who will be present and receptive. The often times subtle external phenomena giving understanding of another's internal world. Some like David Hawkins suggest you will find there's universal consciousness, a power field we are able to all express and utilize, also it may or otherwise be true. David Hawkins was obviously a close associate from the late Linus Pauling who won two Nobel Prizes and remains alone to get ever done this twice. Together they founded the science of Ortho-Molecular Psychiatry. Later David went on to turn into a spiritual guru and founded his own institute of advanced spirituality. I am not sure he could be still alive but also in the very last interviews I saw of him, they were not particularly encouraging in connection with this. He had the disposition of the ancient Yoda who was simply struggling physically and mentally to hold the vast abyss at bay. It seems this might be a fate most of us will tell him in time. In his book, 'Power vs Force, the hidden determinants of human behaviour', he outlined his beliefs inside the supremacy of considered to influence our destinies and the destinies of others. try this thought that thought energies were beyond physical articulation coupled with a medium of conduction that belongs to them, although he never scientifically defined the mechanisms. He also said that the quality of our thoughts largely determined anyone we were and also the outcomes that they can would achieve, both personally, along with their greater influence beyond ourselves to the pool of human conscience. He then goes on to discuss enlightenment along with the hierarchy of consciousness. click here to read was recently discussing using a scientist, researcher friend of mine, the truth that many people can live long lives without eating. There are several books published for the phenomena along with the the one that he known as was, "Life from Light." But what began the discussion was a presentation he had seen with an international science conference which was the premise for any 10 day documentary about one man in India who had gone 65 years without consuming water or food. He said how the presentation was quite compelling! I said that I can understand someone getting their energy from electric sources from the earth and radiation sources through the sun and that he could still even get enough water from bathing, absorption over the skin, but why don't you consider protein turnover I said? Unless the man has immortal proteins then I was entirely skeptical. He replied that," transmutation, if true, could supply each of the molecules he needed from nitrogen, oxygen,carbon and water. There generally seems to be some evidence that it may be true." I did not and never discover how to respond to his assertion. I had i never thought regarding it before. Perhaps he was right, but I have no idea of. Perhaps thoughts have supreme control over our destinies. Epigenetics seems to imply just as much and epigenetics I do believe in. It seems your brain has more treatments for genetic expression than previously believed knowning that even Darwinian evolution of species theory itself is probably not such as apparent force of thought also it's influences on morphogenesis. It is not difficult to disclose the feed back loops to blame for these interactions between mind and body. quote Shakespeare..."he that's, was wanted until he was"..., in a evolutionary sense, both personally, and for the wholesale it might be both. Just find more .

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