Understanding the criminal law of Singapore

Posted by vendelajar on February 26th, 2015

One of the most important and strict criminal law is followed at Singapore. This law is harsh as compared to the laws followed in other countries. In a way, it is highly beneficial as it will control the crimes and safeguard the residents of Singapore. These laws are very strict and the person visiting Singapore must understand and be well aware of these laws. The criminal laws are made to punish those who are responsible for disturbing the peace of society or harming any person.

The reason for the criminal law to be tough at Singapore is because they want crime to remove completely from Singapore. So, they punish criminals to deter everyone from committing crime. Below stated are some guidelines, which will help you understand the criminal laws of Singapore better.

  • In Singapore, the criminal law is very different from civil laws.
  • In the criminal law, the case against the criminal is filed by the state itself. These are laws that are more serious.
  • As per the civil law the cases depends on the judgement and has a huge impact on the criminal's life.
  • Similarly, the punishment for each crime is different. The corporal punishment is given to those who are found guilty of littering, causing environmental harm and for selling chewing gum.
  • The capital punishment is given for drug trafficking and much serious offense.
  • Some of the most common offenses mentioned in the Singapore penal code are homicide, cheating, theft etc.
  • Special punishments are made for treating criminals who are alleged of illegal arms, kidnapping, misuse of drugs etc.

Criminal laws to be noticed by residents and visitors


It is necessary for the residents to remember some of the common laws that are practiced in Singapore. This is very important as it helps you protect yourself from being arrested. It is important for one to know the common law that is highly practiced as Singapore government might permit not all your actions.

For visitors also it is very important to understand the law of Singapore especially as your stay is temporary and have a higher possibility of violating these laws. Remember, there are several stuffs that might be treated as a minor fault in your country but not at Singapore. Hence, it is better to take necessary precautions in advance than to put yourself in a troubled situation.

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