Winter Sports: Best Tips for Women That Are Guaranteed to Keep Away the Winter B

Posted by custommadebeanies on May 29th, 2015

As the winter season draws by, most people find themselves planning for things they'd want to do, and among the top most in their lists include winter sports. Of course everybody loves winter sports, even if it’s just watching them on TV. Among the most popular sports are snowshoeing and skiing. Undeniably, these two sports have become the most preferred pastime activities for most residents across the US where winter games are practiced.

Where should you start?

Skiing requires some training in available ski resorts, but snowshoeing doesn’t. Snowshoeing is basically travelling on snowshoes and has been in existence for since the 70s.Any healthy bodied individual with a desire to take part in it can do so. People living in snowy terrains do it as their means of travel every time the winter season commences, and may therefore not be a sport to them.

Quick things you will need

To get started in this sport, get in touch with the local rental stores in the location(s) that you intend to snowshoe. Just call a few local store keepers for advice on the type of snowshoes they have, their rental prices, and you can also find appropriate poles for your hiking sport. You need to dress in appropriate winter outfits, such as women’s backcountry skiing clothing for snowshoeing, and put on a good pair of gaiters to go with your well-insulated winter boots.

Gaiters are tough garments resembling leggings that are worn to cover your lower legs and ankles, sometimes worn jointly with boots to protect and keep your feet warm. To keep your head warm, put on a Montana beanie hat and tuck your hair in and you should be good to go.

Quick things to keep in mind

  • Good etiquette goes a long way - Always try to refrain from cross country ski tracks because snowshoes can mess up the trails for non snowshowers.

  • Remember to carry some hot chocolate, cocoa, or soup in a thermos to keep you warm.

  • Wear clothes that are suitable for winter. Cirque Jackson in Jackson Hole is one of the most popular retail stores where you can find great winter outfits and other necessities.

Engaging in outdoor activities such as snowshoeing in cold seasons is a great way to get outside and exercise to avoid the dreaded winter blues. You just can’t ignore three long months of freezing cold winter and let it pass.

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