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Posted by AmandaTom on July 21st, 2015

If you are an adventure lover, there is a long list of items to consider before you pack and go, so that you keep safe and enjoy your time away from home. We will, for the moment, abstain from the discussion about the dos and don’ts of outdoor adventures and focus on outdoor travel gear. If you don’t get your travel apparel and accessories right, your adventure may turn into a bad memory and this goes against the whole idea behind travelling. There are many items to battle against nature’s nasty surprises and we compiled a list of them. Among the more interesting ones is insect repellent clothing.

The concept of insect repellent clothing is limited to a handful of sellers. This is not something that you get everywhere. There are plenty of options that you can choose from and your choice of clothing should completely depend on the kind of adventure you are planning.

For instance, if you intend to visit one of the tropical regions, it is best to carry insect repellent clothing that can keep the mosquitoes away. Jack Wolfskin has a specially designed safari shirt that is perfectly suited for this purpose. Jack Wolfskin has however other items of clothing that can keep different types of insects away.

The other brand that you may want to look at in the segment of insect repellent clothing is Craghoppers NosiLife. This company manufactures a wide array of clothing that can repel insects of all types and sizes. As you go through the catalogue of its products, you will come across short and long sleeved t-shirts and shirts and pants of various lengths. Again, you need to figure out what you want depending on where you are headed and during which season.

Outdoor travel gear includes clothing (insect repelling or not) and many more other items. For instance, if you want to camp out in the open, you will need a tent which is large enough to let you sleep in comfort, but not too heavy to carry or too complicated to set up. You can purchase tents that can accommodate one or more than one person, with different methods of set up.

When you look at outdoor travel gear, you will also come across luggage items in all shapes and sizes. This is an important part of your travel experience because without proper luggage, you could face a distressing journey. You can choose from hand bags, rucksacks and larger pieces of luggage. A choice you want to avoid involves luggage which is not waterproof and can affect your clothes and other provisions. Other issues can refer to weight or quality.

Apart from these items, outdoor travel gear also refers to other items including sun hats, insect repellents, water bottles and different types of security items.

If you buy your outdoor travel gear from different sources, you will need to waste a lot of time. The best option is to shop online and possibly from the same provider. Dedicated online stores for adventure lovers store insect repellent clothing and any other type of travel gear you can think of. You only need to choose, buy!

If you are planning an adventure, spend time purchasing the correct outdoor travel gear for your adventure. The gear should include special items like insect repellent clothing or sun-protection (depending on the season when you travel).

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