How Different Industries Use Dynamics 365 Portal

Posted by CRMJetty on May 17th, 2021

Managing and maintaining records is always a tough and tedious task. But as the saying goes, 'There is always a solution for each problem.' Here, a Dynamics 365 portal is a solution that can resolve all of your small or big business problems.

From gathering engagements to analyzing progress or managing inventories to track a shipment process, every work is possible to manage by a single portal. It is a combination of ERM and CRM applications. Here are some industries that benefit from portals.

1. Education Industry

Education is not limited to only classrooms. Right? Now, we have shifted to online education. And we know how hectic it has become to manage everything online. So, to make the online student-teacher interface more easy and manageable, portals came in. They provide individual dashboards for each student to view their assigned projects, results, exam dates, information of courses and notes.

Teachers can access features like tracking students' progress, conducting online exams, sharing enotes, etc. Faculty can conduct quizzes, online debates, and other fun activities to engage students in learning. From new or small schools to well-known schools, this portal is helpful for all. Admin can access the stats and information about students and staff both. They can have a glance at the growth graphs of every student and faculty member.

2. Hospital & Health Industry

Almost all hospitals have applied virtual consulting. Through this, doctors can attend 5 times more patients daily than regular patient check-count. They can plan their schedule and upcoming meetings with ease. Home consultancy makes the process of treatment more convenient for both - patient and the doctor.

Patients can view their health history anytime, anywhere, through easy logins in Dynamics 365 customer portal. They can fill the forms online and even upload necessary documents. Booking an appointment is just a click away. Patients can make hassle-free and secure transactions too. Portal ensures complete security of every data and sensitive details. Accessing diet charts, medications, report results, overall health analysis, and what not is possible through a single login. Handicare is a leading example of this.

3. Restaurant & Hotel Industry

Having more than one restaurant or hotel always turns tricky at some point. Relatable? The major problem is the lack of managing records on different systems. To solve that, Dynamics 365 portal provides a one-stop solution to streamline all the restaurant operations. Staff can manage their shifts, priority tasks, leaves, and everything from their login area. Customers can book the table, order food, manage loyalty programs, etc., from their space. Whereas, admin can manage every activity of staff and customers. They can view all the ongoing tasks, pending, etc. Every change they do from inventory to orders will be automatically updated in the CRM. TGI Friday's makes the correct example for it by using the portal to manage their more than one restaurant.

4. Construction Industry

Construction work requires both machine and man-management. To manage both, it requires necessary resources for technicals and communication. With the help of the Dynamic 365 portal, each employee has access to the portal. They can register an issue via the portal directly; they don't need to call or wait for a meeting. This works as a rapid issue solving technique. The admin can save all the blueprints and documents of the employees in a safe file by simply uploading the digital copy of it in the portal. Real-time dashboards provide graphs of employee work hours and efficiency. MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions is the best example of it.


Dynamics 365 portal is fully customizable, according to your requirements and budget. It is always beneficial to be one step ahead in any industry, especially when it comes to technology. Upgrading your way of managing can turn the tables. With 0 error efficiency, this portal can help you with all the logbooks and record books.

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