How to Encourage Motivation in the Physical and Virtual Workplace

Posted by Successories on May 18th, 2021

Inspiring employees to stay motivated can be a challenge for many leaders. The modern workforce simply doesn’t respond to many of the leadership strategies that inspired people decades ago. A younger workforce requires a careful approach, especially when it comes to encouraging them to reach their full potential and truly feel invested in the company’s overall goals. Whether your employees are working remotely or in the office, try these four tips.

Set Clear Goals and Rewards

When work starts to get busy and you need your employees to put in a little extra effort, you should have a clear, direct goal they can strive toward. Most people won’t give 110% “just because.” However, if they know the reason behind their efforts and that their hard work will be appreciated and recognized, employees are more likely to stay motivated in the future. Don’t leave anything up to interpretation and tell your employees exactly what’s expected, why it’s expected, and what’s in it for them.

Don’t Hold Back Praise or Honest Feedback

Today’s workforce craves recognition and feedback. Can you blame them? It’s never fun to work diligently without receiving any recognition. If their hard work goes unnoticed, why would they continue to put in so much effort? It’s crucial for leaders at all levels to engage with their employees and provide frequent praise and honest feedback whenever possible. No matter how small the achievement, help every team member feels appreciated. Your words of praise or encouragement could make a significant difference in the long run.

Try Inspiring Workspace Reminders

An employee’s workspace, specifically their physical work environment, can help set the tone each day. Small messages of positivity or inspiration can help make a difference in your employees’ overall mood throughout the workday, even if they don’t realize it. Along with words of encouragement and praise from you, consider how decorations might play a role in encouraging motivation. Many companies have found that decorating with items like motivational postersor desktop accessories with inspirational messages can help provide the extra boost employees need when they feel like they’re running out of steam.

Invest in a Positive Workplace Culture

Investing in workplace culture is an essential element of motivation most companies can’t afford to ignore. It can be a significant factor in keeping employees engaged and satisfied with their work, potentially helping improve your turnover rate. What does your company’s workplace culture look like? It’s never too late to start investing in it. For example, you could schedule a weekly meeting where everyone can share some good news, or you could give out employee gifts on holidays or as random acts of kindness. Every company is different, so it might take a little bit of experimentation to establish the finer points of your company culture. Focus on positivity, inclusivity, and inspiration, and you might notice a difference in the way your employees work throughout the day.

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