Cyber crime in Singapore

Posted by vendelajar on November 17th, 2015

Technology innovation has pulled numerous criminal exercises. Cyber criminals are exploiting speed; the ease and secrecy of the internet commit physical or virtual criminal activities. Singapore is high tech country with all technological advancement; therefore cyber crime rate is very high in this country. In addition, traditional crimes also conducted using internet Due to high illegal intrusion into a computer, the government has set strict rules to deal with such individual or groups.

In their endeavours to defend against cyber crime, the Singapore Government has set up strict measures through a multi-pronged methodology. The initial step is to keep up administering laws with the quick changing advancements of innovation. Singapore passed the Computer Misuse Act in 1993, which has subsequently to be revised four times.

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The Computer Misuse Act is made to punish culprits of computer crime instead of cyber crime. The Act covers unauthorized access to a computer, editing computer content without permission, intercepting any computer data, breaking system passwords or accessing valuable or secret data through access code. The executing Penal Code governs internet/cyber crime, which is theft, fraud or coercion abetted through the internet. Instead of doing computer crime, culprits bring out their unlawful demonstrations through the computer.

List of offences falls under cyber crime ACT of Singapore:

  • Unauthorised access to computer material 
  • Access with intent to commit or facilitate commission of offence
  • Unauthorised use or interception of computer service
  • Unauthorised disclosure of access code
  • Unauthorised obstruction of use of computer
  • Unauthorised modification of computer material
  • Enhanced punishment for offences involving protected computers
  • Abetments and attempts punishable as offences

Such cases shall be considered as guilty of an offence according to Singapore computer crime law and might be at risk on conviction to a fine up to ,000 or to detainment for a term not up to 2 years. Thus, if you are facing any of these cyber crime charges in Singapore, you can take the assistance of Singapore criminal lawyer having a decent experience of dealing such crime cases.

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