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Posted by Ople Asension on April 16th, 2016

Despite the fact that about morph arms and Bagua fragments in Blade & Soul has already been said a lot, we have not yet touched on this topic in the framework of our column "First Steps", which is made for beginners. Morph equipment - principally the development of interesting system, which instead of constant change weapons on the more recent offers to improve it up to the maximum level.

Hyde, who published Ceaser moderator on the forum you have to learn more about how the morph arms and trigrams, as well as about what other interesting options menu provides the equipment in the game. By the way, if you need cheap bns gold, just click.

Menu equipment improvement
Improved equipment in Blade and Soul is due to the use of things, produced by you in the course of the game, on the prevailing slang, this process is called "morph". For each type of things fit only things of the same type - for better weapons need other weapons to improve jewelry - other jewelry, etc. The development process is the same for weapons and jewelry, but a little different for Bagua, as will be discussed below. To use an item for improvements - click on it, right-click, or drag it to the menu of the improvements indicated by [1].

Each object can bring a sacrificial improves things a certain amount of experience, which depends on the quality of things, as well as its level. On the improvement need money, the amount of which depends on the quality zhetvuemoy things, while at high levels may also require additional supplies, such as the crystals. With the improvement of the quality of sacrificial things appear spread between the minimum and maximum number of received experience, as well as objects to be consumed in the order they are added, so profitable to start with those that have spread this maximum. This will enable more predictable to develop equipment, minimizing the impact of random factors. In the game there are things that provide various bonuses to the resulting experience with the development. Puts these objects into the slot of additional material, and the cost of the first items in the queue. Track their bonuses from their use, as well as the total amount of the resulting experience can be part of the menu marked [2].

Please note that for the development of a particular thing does not suit all subjects, but only those which are suitable for the level. View the level of the things that can be suitable for improving the properties of a particular thing.Reaching the development until the end of level 5, you will not be able to develop further the thing, and you need to make a "breakthrough" to further improvement was possible.

In paragraph [3], you will see all of the requirements for making a breakthrough, usually it will require a special item of equipment that you will need to donate, as well as a set of consumables, and of the money itself. If we are talking about weapons, it should be in your class. Weapons can be obtained from the trunks, with the opening of which is usually a key you get a random weapon, and when you open the sparkling - right to your class. Using sparkling keys helps to save time, but they are rare, they can get a chance, for the execution of daily tasks, and also to get in the game store. The subject that will be required for a breakthrough to be printed. Print the object you can use to print out special amulets, which are given as a reward for performance of tasks, and are made using craft guild astrologers. It is worth noting that, in contrast to the older versions of the game, to keep the majority of the improvements you do not need to develop a weapon that you sacrifice for a breakthrough, and therefore there is no need of many things, which were required for the development of equipment before. View tree of a particular object can be in first gear control menu tab.

Stage 10 after receiving almost the same level as in the breakthrough after 5 - you will also need a special sacrificial items of equipment, and a set of consumables. If successful, the improvement you will get a new item, the characteristics of which will be different from what it was before you. To familiarize with all the changes you can in the menu marked [4].

It is worth noting that often immediately after a new item improvement has reduced some characteristics, but 5 levels are guaranteed to feel better, so before moving on to new things better stock up on sacrificial objects to quickly skip derating. It is worth noting that if your level is lower than the minimum required to wear a new item, then the game will not allow you to make an improvement.

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