Top 10 Factors on Which Diamond's Quality is Based

Posted by Laxmi on August 26th, 2017

Diamonds have always been the favorite of many people. The popularity of diamonds has always been supported by the love of the people. The craze that people have for diamonds is unmatchable. Diamonds have become an essential part of people's lives and people's major events. Diamond rings, ornaments are quite common in India. And nowadays the trend that is going around is casual diamond rings in India.

Since diamonds are so popular and in demand, it is very important that the diamonds prepared, delivered and purchased must be of high quality. Diamonds of high quality will add to the charm to your personality also it will be worth the investments. Though the quality of diamonds is of sheer importance, there are many factors on which the quality of the diamond is based. There are many sites that talk about many factors but as according to GIA, the following are the factors on which the quality of diamonds is based:

  1. The color of the diamonds: The diamonds having high quality are expected to be colorless.  Diamonds that are in top quality in nature are found to be as colorless.
  2. Cut of the diamond: Another essential factor that determines the quality of diamonds is the cut of the diamonds. The type of cut largely affects the quality of the diamonds.
  3. Clarity of the diamond: The clarity of the diamonds is another factor that affects the quality of diamonds. The most quality rich diamonds offer clear transparency.
  4. Carat of the diamond: The weight or the carats of the diamond also increase or degrade the quality of the diamonds. The diamond weight does not make a major change but still is an essential factor on which the quality of the diamond is based.
  5. Natural conditions: The natural conditions under which the diamond has been made also impact on the quality of the diamond. Though the natural conditions cannot be controlled by the humans they play a significant role in affecting the quality of diamonds.
  6. The artificial method was chosen: There are many artificial methods available that can make the diamonds but choosing the right method will deliver the best quality of diamond as its output others will have an average diamond as their final result.
  7. Chemicals used for formulation: The chemical gases or particles which are used for the artificial process of formulation of diamond also impact the quality of diamonds.
  8. Design: The designing in diamond may require undergoing the diamond with some harmful cut or other processes, which may impact the quality of the diamond.
  9. Metal base: The metal base was chosen as a support of the diamond also plays an important role in the quality of diamonds. Choosing a wrong metal base will contradict the quality of the diamond as it will not compliment with the charm of diamond.
  10. Certification: A properly authorized certificate of diamond is the proof of its quality.

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