What are the Advantages of Loose Diamonds?

Posted by Laxmi on August 28th, 2017

Over the years the term that has prevailed in the diamond industry is loose diamonds. The loose diamonds have also earned the same popularity as the normal diamonds. Loose diamonds in India is not a new term but India has been the leading dealer of loose diamonds. A loose diamond is no different than the normal diamond in the general terms but holds certain different characteristics and features that make them a great choice than the normally crafted diamonds.

Loose diamonds are simply the diamond pieces that are still not crafted in any setoff jewelry. They are individual diamonds that are loose and are not a part of any jewelry. They are basically rough or individual diamonds which can be used as the need and requirement of the user. There are many benefits of investing in loose diamonds over the diamonds crafted in the jewelry pieces. The very common advantages that loose diamonds offer to the users are listed as follow by the site Leibish. Let us have a look:

  1. Customization: The biggest advantage that a loose diamond offers over the crafted diamond is that of customization. The user can choose all the specifications of the diamond and jewelry as according to his choice. He doesn't have to adjust with the design or already crafted jewelry piece but can make his own type and kind of jewelry.
  2. Affordable: Loose diamonds are affordable as one can buy the diamond as per his requirement and budget. Since it is a loose diamond there is no additional cost of any metal base or designing, etc. Thus, this makes the loose diamonds fall under the affordable price range.
  3. Surety: When the user is buying a loose diamond, he gets sure of the quality of the diamond bought as it is not handled with any designing or any other process to get in the shape of the desired jewelry. Thus, the loose diamond acts like a rough piece of diamond that is not altered and preserve its natural characteristic. Therefore, buying a loose diamond will make the buyer sure about the quality of the diamond.
  4. Choose the type of diamond: While you are purchasing a diamond that is already crafted in the jewelry piece you cannot change the diamond crafted in the jewelry piece. But if you are buying a loose diamond you can actually choose from the variety of the diamonds and select the one that you like the most. Thus, a loose diamond gives more variety to choose and the buyer can select the one as per his liking.
  5. Easier to inspect: The loose diamonds are easier to analyze for its uniqueness and properties. While the diamond crafted on the metal base may not be that simple to analyze for its properties as it undergoes a lot of processes to come out like the final product. Whereas, on the hand, the loose diamonds can easily be checked for properties and characteristics.

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