Things You Must Know About Rooting Hormone For Plant Cuttings

Posted by Amos Fred on October 25th, 2018

There are plenty of ways you could take your gardening skills to the next level. Why not try to start new plants by cuttings? Propagating plants is a good alternative to go for. Why? You can get new plants from the ones you already have in your greenhouse or garden. That saves you a bit on buying costs. Through asexual means of reproduction, getting a plant that’s identical to the parent plant is possible. Among the many methods you can try is plant cutting.

What are plant cuttings?

Plant cells have the ability to duplicate all parts as well as functions of a plant. When you take out a leaf or stem and create the right conditions, a new plant can thrive and grow. That’s how propagation through stem cuttings works. If you want to grow new woody shrubs for your garden, ornamental plants or even houseplants, this is the ideal technique to go for.

What is a rooting hormone?

A rooting hormone makes it easier for the new plant to thrive, The Spruce says. It can provide your cuttings with the necessary nutrients, so it has greater chances to develop and grow. It’s an easy way to cover your bases. Consider the amount of time and effort you put into propagating your plants. The addition of a root hormone powder can do a lot to make all that time, hard work and cost pay off.

What kind of cuttings work?

Before you start using a root hormone on all your plants, make sure you’re using them on the right types of cuttings. Otherwise, you’re only wasting time, energy and resources. That said, the cuttings you can use include softwood cuttings, greenwood cuttings, semi-ripe cuttings and hardwood cuttings, the Better Homes and Gardens says.

How do I use a rooting hormone?

Before you get ready to use the root hormone, make sure you choose the right plant. And by right, we mean a healthy one. That way, taking out the cuttings won’t harm the plant. If you’re the hormone in powder form, then you’ll want to apply it carefully onto the cutting. Don’t go any higher than the planting depth and make sure to shake off the excess powder. Tap the cutting lightly against the edge of the container to get rid of any excess powder.

How do I choose rooting hormones?

Shop around for options like root hormone powder. Consider the reviews of the product, though, before you click on that Order Now link. Are the reviews good? Check out as much of the information that’s available about the product as possible. Knowing all these can help you avoid bad buying decisions. And with the right rooting hormone, you can improve the growth of your cuttings.

Tired of seeing your plantings die, one after another? Don’t want to have to spend all that time and effort, only to see the plants die out? If you’re looking for better ways to boost plant growth in your cuttings, say no more. Shop for a rooting hormone instead. 

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