Key Components of SEO that?ll Double Your Organic Traffic

Posted by FluperAppDevelopment on November 21st, 2018

Do you have surpassing online visibility? If you want to extend your abilities, adapt to the trends whose demand is quite high in the market. You will be surprised to know that mobile devices are responsible for generating website traffic. Nowadays, the world is turning into a mobile so it becomes extremely important to know how mobile SEO can help you in organizing traffic targets. A mobile app development company that is specialized in responsive web design services can definitely help you with the mobile SEO.

Well, there are many questions that may arise in your mind such as what kind of website supports for the mobile SEO? Which components are important for mobile SEO? There is no doubt in saying that a responsive mobile design can be really helpful for your mobile SEO. This is because a responsive website adapts according to the user and provides a user-friendly interface. By adopting strategic steps, you can make your website visible on mobile.

Some of the effective steps that you need to take –

Mobile Keyword Research

We all better know that mobile users normally don’t search for laptop or desktop users. It means that the pattern of keyword usage on mobile is different. As more than half of the traffic comes from mobile so you have to optimize your website keywords accordingly but you have to pay emphasis on local SEO.

Website Core’s ranking

Core ranking is the rank of the website that is gained through SEO steps. Google has a separate algorithm to rank mobile-friendly websites but without core ranking, you can’t do anything. If your website is well indexed and has appropriate page load speed then you can easily gain the desired organic traffic. If your website is well-optimized then you can easily get more traffic & more leads. In other words, if you have a well-optimized site, you can easily bring more business.

Mobile Friendly Errors

Generally, the mobile websites that rank high on Google Search Engine are considered as user-friendly websites. These website supports a wide array of features and also helpful for end users. If you want to find out the rank of your website then you can easily do that because Google provides a mobile-friendly test through which you can identify your website rank. Once you find out the errors, you can make an impactful presence on the internet.

Mobile Application Optimization

Well, all types of businesses are not restricted to the mobile-friendly website; you can still extend the business reach with the mobile application that is quite high in trend. Mobile applications generate repetitive business so you can also use this method to extend your business. To index and optimize your mobile application for the app store, you can use different ways. All this process ensures that the right customers will find your mobile application as they search the app store.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a project from the Google that is specially developed by app developers to make fast mobile pages. It is the compact form of HTML and also known as diet-HTML. If we talk about ranking, the ranking of AMP pages is quite higher in Google search. But only the publishers have the rights to access it. Although you can’t use this feature right now but don’t worry as you can extend the speed of mobile pages through coding. In other words, it will be really useful in extending your presence on the Google Search Engine.

When you have a startup with a niche, it becomes extremely important to reach the largest number of users as you can. This step can prove highly advantageous for you as organic visibility is one of the most significant ways to add profits to your business. It might be possible that you are already doing traditional SEO for your business but you should think about mobile SEO seriously.


SEO is changing rapidly from one year to the next so you have to focus on solid content creation, copywriting fundamentals, site speed, schema etc. One of the biggest advantages of SEO is that it is an inbound marketing strategy that makes it easy for the audience to find out the information that they need. Overall, SEO is one of the best ways to improve online visibility and highlight your brand or Android application Development Company. Beyond that, the right strategy can also improve your brand’s PR and thus you can move ahead of your competitors.

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