What is a spudger tool and what do we use them for?

Posted by Spudger on January 24th, 2019

If you’re in a computer repair shop you might come across somebody talking about a spudger. By its sound, you might be thinking it’s a word like ‘thingamabob’ but it’s actually a real word to describe a real object! So, what is a spudger tool?

What is a spudger tool?

A spudger is a special tool that repair technicians use when opening up electronic devices. Sometimes called a spludger, it takes the shape of a rounded stick that has a flat end, a bit like a screwdriver. To enable a better grip, the spudger often has a contoured body. Many manuals refer to spudgers simply as a ‘black stick’.

Common types of spudgers

The spudgers that you see most often are nylon and are black or yellow. The side of the stick that is not flat often has a metal hook on the end. You can also get versions with hooks that are blunt, sharp or insulated.

We often use orangewood spudgers in soldering and electronics, where heat tolerance is essential. You may have also heard of the term ‘orange sticks’ in the manicure industry, these are effectively spudgers too.

It goes without saying that the spudgers used with electrical devices or batteries are made from non-conductive materials. Obviously, this is to prevent a shock – even static shock – from occurring.

Uses of spudgers

When a device has pressure-fit components, like the case of a smartphone or a laptop, a spudger can prise it open. Using a spudger saves the device from potential surface damage and maintains its condition. Repairers use spudgers when things get fiddly, like when repairing a broken cell phone screen or replacing an in-built battery.

Manufacturers use insulating materials in the design of spudgers if they are for use with metal components. Orangewood, as previously mentioned, is a material frequently used for spudgers in telecoms or devices that use electricity.

Do I need a spudger?

If you’re wanting to repair an electronic device or change the battery in your smartphone, you could get away without using a spudger. However, spudgers make the job so much easier! Secondly, spudgers help you to stay safe when poking around in and repairing electronic devices. You should, therefore, always use a spudger to disconnect electrical and other potentially hazardous components in your device.

Hopefully, we’ve answered the question "what is a spudger tool?" and given you the information you need to decide whether you need one.

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