Ordinary Table VS Easy Lift Desk, Who Is Your First Choice!

Posted by Vivian Wang on July 7th, 2019

With the advent of the mobile Internet era, the rapid development of cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence and touch technology is closely related to our lives. Correspondingly, the office workers also "mobile" with the mobile Internet. Office, it is no longer meaning sitting in front of a fixed computer and desk all day! A brand new office space allows you to communicate face-to-face with your colleagues with mobile internet tools. You can think alone and even stand up and work...
Stand-up office has become a popular trend, representing a new way of working. As early as 2011, social networking company Facebook began to implement stand-up office, more than 200 employees chose the "station desk", employees can adjust the desktop level. "Standing office" is not "one stop at the end", but can support different office modes. A desk that can be raised and lowered solves this problem, and the user can switch the working mode by adjusting the height of the table.


With the open spirit of Silicon Valley, Godaddy is very close to nature, in addition to the design style of the office area and indoor leisure and entertainment facilities, it also allows employees to work more comfortably, providing an easy lift desk that can stand up and advocate standing when working.
From the perspective of future work patterns, the easy lift desk will gradually replace the ordinary desk, becoming the ideal office standard.

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