Step by step instructions to Know When a Cat is Hurting

Posted by dennishahn on August 16th, 2019

Your cat might be hurting without you even knowing which is why you should take it for regular check-ups before the case worsens. Here are the some tips that will help you recognize whether the cat is hurting or not:

  1. Increased Vocalization or Change in the Sound of Vocalization

You might find that your cat is vocal normally but there is a certain increase in vocalization with a change in tone or their intensity or meows. You might hear sounds of them crying quite frequently and in that case you must not ignore the changes in your cat that you are seeing due to vocalization.

2. Licking a Particular Area of the Body

If you find that your cat is focusing on a particular area of your body then it might be the case they are feeling pain in certain area. You must get hold of the problem that they might be facing and find out whether they have acquired less fur in a particular spot of their body or have a bald patch. Hairballs might become a problem with the cat if you find them grooming way too much.

3. Purring in a strange manner

If you find that the cat is purring and is showing any of the signs that are mentioned here then it is time to take them to a vet. At times, you might feel that purring is normal but the cat might be experiencing extreme pain and you might not even know about it.

4. Eye Changes

The eyes of the cat say a lot about them and the pain they might be suffering from. They might be facing pain both in the eyes or anywhere else in the body which can cause their pupils to become dilated. Moreover, pain in the eyes, can be caused due to larger or constricted pupils depending on the injury and the disease that might be affecting them. Even squinting can indicate a lot of pain on any part of the body.

Breathing Changes: 

The cats that are in pain might experience faster or shallow breathing patterns than normal. You might find them panting and notice a sudden change in the movement of their muscles which are related to their breathing process.

Well, if you see any of these changes then it is time that you take your cat to the vet and ensure that they receive the right medication before the case becomes worse.

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There are times when you do not realize that your cat is hurting and is in pain before it gets too late to take him to the doctor. Listed below are the instructions that will help you in determining whether your cat is hurting or not so that you can take it to the vet if required.


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