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Posted by Global Tree on September 10th, 2019

The Department of Home Affairs in Australia, had made some important changes to the Skill Shortage Occupation List in the beginning of the previous year. These changes have created a shift in the list of popular subjects that are preferred by international students who study in Australia.

The universities in Australia are known for their academic excellence and are extremely popular with students from India. Let’s take look at the top courses to study in Australia for job prospects in the country as per the Australia’s skilled occupation list.

Top Courses to Study in Australia for Post-Study Job Opportunities

The top courses that currently are popular for international students to study in Australia are as follows,

1. Accountancy

There is a great demand for Accountancy related topics including both core and Professional Accounting subjects. Job opportunities such as Tax Accountancy and Management Accountancy have been listed on the MLTSSL which can lead to excellent job prospects in the coming years.

2. Actuarial Science

The field of Actuarial science is one that is high in demand in Australia. Students who take up the discipline of Actuarial Sciences will learn to use mathematical and statistical methods to assess risks in financial and insurance sectors. Once you complete a course in actuarial science when you study in Australia, you will find yourself with many job opportunities in the country.

3. Agricultural Sciences

A graduate degree in agricultural sciences can lead to good career opportunities. There are a number of job openings for agronomists, forestry consultants and agricultural scientists in the country. Candidates who have a degree in Agricultural Sciences and relevant work experience are eligible to immigrate to Australia. However if you do study in Australia for your agriculture degree, you will have a better priority in the Australian job market.

4. Biomedical Engineering

The field of Biomedical Engineering is opening up many opportunities for fresh graduates from Australia. The field, which is also called Bioengineering, is related to biology and engineering. The field is concerned with the combined application of the principles of biology with the principles of engineering 

5. Core engineering

Core engineering is related to construction and civil engineering and is gaining popularity in Australia. As, more and more regional and rural areas are being urbanized, there is bound to be a stratospheric increase in the demand for graduates who have skills and experience in core engineering areas. Civil engineering, which is a core branch of engineering is a highly sought after professional qualification.  There are a number of high paying job opportunities in the fields of construction, Real estate, Transportation, Marine engineering , Environmental Engineering across the country.

6. Information Technology (IT) and Computer Science

Graduates who study Computer science & engineering in Australia will find excellent job opportunities in the country. There are lucrative and excellent opportunities for students who have improved their skills in fields such as Data Visualization, Data Warehousing, Data Management, Machine Learning, and Business Intelligence.

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