The Top five Questions to Ask About Office Cleaning services

Posted by Terry Ramsay on January 31st, 2020

1. Does your office cleaner use modern methods and equipment?

Each year, there are vital and essential developments in cleaning methods, equipment, and products that come in the market that is harmless to the environment. One latest advance is the usage of flat mops to change old-fashioned string models. It's a method to get surfaces cleaner and better to look in a smaller amount of time. Dust-attracting microfiber cloths provide clean above-the-floor surfaces with less effort. Surfaces free from smudges are attained more effortlessly now.

2. What are the contractor's credentials for licensing, bonding, and insurance?

If you're in a place such as New York City, where security is given top priority, you need the best office cleaning NYC services which are highly credentialed. So, the best cleaning companies are licensed, bonded, and insured. It means their workers can come to your office on short notice and provide excellent services. You need dependent people for brilliant cleaning service while keeping the confidentiality of the office. For companies who provide legal or financial services, these are discretional.

3. Is scheduling flexible, and can they work at any time of day or night?

Today many companies are working longer, and they have variable working hours. It means you need a cleaning service that can work according to your schedule; also, one that can adjust when you have changes in working hours -– even on short notice.

It's crucial that cleaning service work when your office is vacant so that they don't disturb you and your coworkers. Also, their productivity gets better when your office is empty, and they can move swiftly to complete their tasks. It doesn't matter how careful they are; some equipment such as vacuum cleaners makes a noise that could be very disturbing.

4. How do they handle sanitizing restrooms and disinfecting lunchrooms?

Workplaces that look clean and smell fresh are always vital, but special attention needs to be given to the cleanliness of shared spaces. For washrooms, you want day-to-day sanitizing of sinks, toilets, counters, partitions, and floors. Lunchrooms need equally thorough service and cleaning, and the refrigerator should be cleaned regularly. Lunch tables, counters, coffeemakers, and cabinets need daily cleaning with safe but effective disinfecting products. These wipes can also be useful when used on telephone handsets and computer keyboards, which can attract massive numbers of bacteria.

5. Can the cleaning service provide references from current clients?

It does not matter how the meetings and interview go; it's always important to check references. Good office janitorial services will undoubtedly be able to give lists of happy clients. Best cleaning companies have a list of clients who they have provided their services. You will get the best insights into these companies from references and can confirm the quality of the services they provide.

In the end, it all comes down to well-trained staff and techniques that are up-to-date. Cleaning products also matter, and they should be eco-friendly.

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