E-Cigarette Etiquette

Posted by vapouriz on July 30th, 2012

E-cigarettes have been growing more and more popular by the day, thanks to the numerous advantages they have over traditional cigarettes. Unfortunately, they still look like real cigarettes and have some similarities to their conventional counterparts. Recently, there was a bomb scare caused on a highway as the user had stored the cigarette in a bag and the vapor emanating from it was mistaken to be a bomb stored in it. This particular incident caused a lot of disruption and unnecessary panic, which might have had some unforeseen consequences if not handled properly. So here are a few rules you can follow while using e-cigarettes.

In Public Places

Smoking in public places has been effectively banned now and people are being penalized if they break this rule. However, an e-cigarette also looks like a normal cigarette and the fumes from electronic cigarettes also appear like normal cigarette smoke. You might be questioned by a member of law enforcement authority and even though you will be let go after you explain the facts, the public embarrassment is something which can be easily avoided. Just ensure that you don’t use e-cigarettes in overly crowded places.

In Offices

A study noted that working professionals who smoke are sometimes regarded lowly by co-workers and bosses who are non-smokers. Even though you are trying to quit with the help of e-cigarettes, puffing them while on the job might project a wrong image. A person who will see you puffing one in your cabin might think that you are smoking a real cigarette. These misunderstandings can be avoided if you avoid using e-cigarettes inside your office. Or ensure that everyone (or almost everyone) knows that you use e-cigarettes.

Contrasting Opinion about E-Cigarette Usage

There are people who advocate the usage of e-cigarettes as they help in avoiding the harm you cause to others and the environment while smoking. If such people witness the usage of e-cigarettes, they might appreciate you for the effort on your part. However, there are others who feel that it is just a display of weakness and an uncontrolled craving for nicotine. For that particular group, even e-cigarettes are not acceptable.

There will be a mix of both the aforementioned groups of people at any given point of time. Your best bet is to use a combination of common sense and discretion with regard to e-cigarette usage, such that you will not get yourself into a tricky situation.

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