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Tobacco Becoming a Luxury
Gone were the days when you could buy a pack of smokes for a couple of bucks. Due to the increased awareness on the dangers of smoking and stringent anti-tobacco policy from the government, tobacco prices are rising to astronomical proportions steadily. From a convenience, smoking is slowly becoming a luxury. The holes in your pockets because of the cigarett...
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Tests Show E-Cigarettes Reduce Exposure to Harmful Chemicals
Everyone knows that cigarette smoking is injurious to health. Every year, millions of people are dying due to diseases caused by the chemicals in cigarettes. However, more than the nicotine, it is the other harmful chemicals associated with cigarettes that kill people. Nicotine, of course, is the main reason which initiates the process. But combined with the...
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Smoking Might Cause Impotency
Smoking has been traditionally considered a masculine characteristic. For a long time now, even movies have portrayed the male protagonist smoking a cigar or a cigarette, making it a style statement for people from different generations. Even today, some people smoke just because they think that it is cool.At times, all the propaganda about how smoking can...
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Parental Smoking Causes Asthma in Children
You would definitely be aware of the fact that smoking is not only injurious to your health, but also causes harm to the people around you. If you have children, you might have to consider this as a serious issue. Researchers have claimed that there is a direct relationship between asthma in children and parental smoking.This is hardly surprising consideri...
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American Anti-Tobacco Policy Getting Stronger By the Day
President Obama has achieved a lot of milestones in his term as the president of the United States. Although many of them might be political, we could see a strong sense of social responsibility in his actions. This was justified by the passing of Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act 3 years ago. Although he faced a lot of political pressure, he...
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Using E-cigarettes in Public and on Planes
The main reason why people decide to quit regular cigarettes and switch to electronic cigarettes is that most states and cities have initiated bans on public smoking. In some places, the restrictions are so stringent that it is illegal to light a cigarette anywhere except in your homes.Since electronic cigarettes do not produce harmful smoke like regular c...
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E-Cigarette Industry to Increase Four-Fold by 2014
Wells Fargo, one of the largest banks in the US considering assets, providing a variety of financial services and operating branches around the world, reports that the e-cigarette industry has grown by over four times in the last four years. A survey conducted by Wells Fargo Securities Tobacco Talk on the e-cigarette (which was once considered a passing fad)...
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Quit Smoking with Electronic Cigarette Kits
Electronic cigarettes uk have quickly climbed the popularity charts among smokers and non-smokers alike. The evidence for this being 2012 Olympic Games being held in London. Almost five million e-cigarettes were manufactured for this event.E-cigs have similarities with regular cigarettes E-cigs are quite similar looking to regular cigarettes. Electronic ...
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Want to Quit Smoking? Use E-Cigarettes
When ever you decide to kick the butt or curb smoking, electronic cigarettes are the best alternatives. E-cigs have been making the headlines for all the right reasons as hundreds of chain smokers have chosen this alternative.People who quit smoking undergo withdrawal symptoms while some may just find it hard to quit this addictive habit. But electronic ci...
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Latest Study Indicates Low Concentration of Volatile Organic Compounds in Electr
Latest studies indicate low concentration of volatile organic compounds emitted from electronic cigarettes. The study that compares regular tobacco cigarettes to best electronic cigarette were the base of this finding. Due to the reduced levels of volatile organic compounds in e-cigarettes, smokers are less exposed to dangerous chemicals.Study published by...
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