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Choosing A Quality cat Food - What You Need To Know

Posted by kumar201908 on May 23rd, 2020

Just like humans, felines need healthy and balanced nutrition at every stage of life. And in order to thrive, the same food cannot be served to them every night. Quality cat food options promote and enhance a feline’s growth. This nutrient-rich supply from wholesome foods is essential for her development.

Here’s what you need to know to choose a quality cat food for a feline.

Important Ingredients

Here’s a list of important ingredients to look for in labels of quality cat foods:

  • Chicken, turkey and tuna - Excellent sources of protein
  • Fish oil and soybean oil - These fats help store energy
  • Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids - These fats provide the benefits of a healthy coat and smooth skin
  • Calcium - For strong bones and healthy muscles
  • Taurine - Essential for vision, brain, and heart function
  • Vitamin E and C -  Keeps the immune system in shape

Balanced Nutrition

Other than clean water, a feline’s regular nutritional requirements include nutrients like protein, carbs and fat in a balanced manner. Protein is a powerhouse of energy for felines and it allows her to stay active all day. Top-quality cat foods are those which provide this balanced nutrition and help keep a feline’s muscles, skin and coat healthy.

Cat Food Labelling

Human food labels and cat food labels, both may be confusing to understand. But feline parents need to familiarize themselves with cat food labels. Regular cat food labels mention “dinner”, “meat” and “buffet” without mentioning the real source of meat. This means it contains only 25% meat. Whereas, quality cat food labels are accurately labelled with one ingredient like “Chicken”, “Tuna”, “Beef” and “Lamb” which reflects the real source of meat. These often contain 70% - 95% meat.

Understanding Natural & Organic Labelling

Foods labelled as ‘organic’ contain all-organic certified ingredients and so does its processing aids. But this is still not enough. According to evidence-based research, organic ingredients have no nutritional benefits. Additionally, if cat food is labelled as “made with organic”, this means only 70% of ingredients are organic in it.

Feline parents should look for food labelled as ‘natural’. The ingredients in natural cat foods are derived solely from animal or plant sources. This means no synthetic chemicals are involved in the production of these foods and every ingredient is 100% natural and safe.

Life-Stage Based Foods

Information about what’s healthy for a feline is incomplete without understanding which food to choose for a feline’s life stage. Before shopping for quality cat food, feline parents need to speak to the veterinarian to know about their feline’s age and the right food for it. Young felines such as kittens have a specific and unique nutritional need as opposed to adult felines and vice versa. And as a feline comes of age, her metabolism slows. Likewise, a senior feline needs a different set of nutrients than the other two.

Quality cat foods formulate food options that meet the needs of a feline throughout different stages of her life. For example a holistic range of adult cat wet food, kitten dry food, adult cat dry food etc.

Ready To Take On The Quality Cat Food Route?

If feline parents are ready to take this route, they are sure to find a wholesome variety of foods that are preservative-free, filler-free, grain-free and free from artificial colours and flavours. Most felines are finicky eaters. For a nutritional change, gradually introduce these to their diet so that it appeals to their senses and taste buds easily.

Taking out the time to research and then making an informed decision is the key to ensure your feline’s wellness and longevity.

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