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About Rising Falling Film Evaporator

Posted by SVAARProcess on June 19th, 2020

The rising/falling film is a combination of the rising and the falling film evaporator. It increases the liquid distribution of the rising film unit easily or requires a lower head depth of the Falling film evaporator. This is accomplished for two reasons. First, the tube bundle is approximately half the height of the evaporator of the rising or falling film, and second, the vapor separator is located at the bottom of the calandria.

How does falling film evaporation work?

In a falling film evaporator device, the sample material is added from the top of the falling film evaporator. The material will then be divided into a thin film to heat and evaporate more easily. The heating temperature will be set at the boiling point of the substance which is on the way to evaporation. The mixture and the substance will be separated after the substance evaporates.

The Rising film evaporator is a high mount fixed tube plate heat exchanger. It is useful for processing heat-sensitive substances with large evaporation volumes and for sensitizing thermal decomposition and foam-dependent substances. Falling film evaporator is an insulation device that is particularly suitable for heat-sensitive substances. Falling film evaporators and rising film evaporators both grow the heat transfer coefficient through the flow in the film, but their reasons behind making the film are different.

The Rising Falling Film Evaporators are largely used for the concentration of fruit juices and heat-sensitive materials because of the low holdup time. These evaporators are suitable for a scale-forming solution as boiling occurs on the surface of the film. This Evaporators can be used in many fields including industrial area, chemical engineering, petroleum etc. Falling film evaporator has great efficiency on the isolation of substances. For this reason, it can use in milk, glucose, chemical, pharmaceutical, biological engineering, environmental engineering etc.

Difference between falling and rising film evaporator

Falling film evaporator and rising film evaporator are both a matter of separating, concentrating or removing substances from the mixture, but there are still some differences between them:

  1. Gravity is the reason for making films that evaporate a falling film. There are film distributors that drop the film into the evaporator to distribute evenly throughout the tube. And the evaporation of the rising film has a high vapor velocity, which increases the liquid as a film along the tube wall.

  2. Falling film evaporation is suitable for conditions with low evaporation, while rising film evaporation is suitable for conditions with high evaporation. For example, in some devices with two-stage evaporation, rising film evaporation is always used for the first stage evaporation, and falling film evaporation is always used for the second stage evaporation.

Features of Our Rising Falling Film Evaporators Systems:

Rising Falling Film Evaporator Manufacturer provides reliable and flexible features with evaporators system.

  •                 Cost-effective construction, ideal for simple evaporation, concentration applications
  •                 Ideal for volume reduction of dilute streams
  •                 Can be used under recirculation mode
  •                 Continuous operation
  •                 Good for moderately heat sensitive products
  •                 Can operate under reasonable vacuum
  •                 Multiple effect arrangement provides steam economy
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