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Posted by sarahbulaiman on October 7th, 2013

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This Runescape Magic Guide walks you through the efficient F2P ways of training magic as well as P2P methods of training magic. It goes through recommended items you should alchemy and also lists other useful ways to train magic. The article also lists other facts you may not have known including alternative methods for those bored of traditional magic training.

Most people know that training magic is expensive and takes long repetitive hours of constant alchemising or ice barraging, but are there other ways of training for both F2P and P2P while making it more interesting? Read on to learn more. It's advisable for some members to also look at the F2P section for the basic info and other tips.F2P Methods:Alchemy:Alchemy is perhaps the best form of training magic for F2P. While 59 may be the max for some, it is still worth getting a high magic level as your magic attacks become more accurate, and something people didn't know - it raises your magic defense. So that's 2 perks for one skill.

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