Luke Grimes lands role as the brother of Christian Grey in 50 shades movie

Posted by FiftyShades on November 1st, 2013

The supporting role of Eliot Grey is a scoop for the American actor. Despite being well-known on TV screens, this could be the one movie that will launch him into international stardom. The role of the elder brother of Christian Grey is also adopted into the Grey family as a young child. He’s known for his promiscuity throughout the three books and he certainly is not shy when it comes to women. Christian describes his elder brother as “having had sex with most of Seattle” prior to meeting Kate. Kate is credited with taming this wild playboy. Eliot is kind, funny and warm and he makes a sport of teasing his younger brother.

This recent casting news comes in the wake of the shock withdrawal of Charlie Hunnam as the lead in the movie. Looking at the pictures of Jamie Dornan and Luke Grimes, then there are far more similarities between the two men. Even though they are not blood related, the two boys are very close and it would be hard to separate the fact that they are both from completely unrelated parents.

As we move towards the deadline of release of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, we are hoping that more announcements of other roles will be announced in the near future. Ana’s father for example, is a core character throughout the trilogy. The parents of Christian and who will play them are still unannounced. Let’s hope casting is complete before shooting begins in December. 


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