Jamie Surprises Dakotan with a Red Audi While Filming 50 Shades Of grey

Posted by BrielleFoster on February 5th, 2014

When you are Christian Grey’s person of interest, it shows. And that is what happened in a scene that the cast and crew of “Fifty Shades...” movie adaptation filmed in Vancouver recently. In the scene that they shot, Christian Grey, the rich entrepreneur turned Ana’s masochistic partner, gifted a red Audi A3 to her. The scene can be interpreted as a romantic one considering the way Grey surprises her by placing his hands on her eyes and slowly revealing the red AudiA3 to her. It is not that Ana does not own a car, but the one she has is a blue VW Beetle which she endearingly calls Wanda. Despite that Grey still presents a Red Audi A3 to her because it is safer than ‘Wanda’.

Ana is quick to name the Red Audi A3 ‘The Submissive Special’, because now that she is in a BDSM inspired relationship with the self made billionaire, she knows that this is the same gift that the suave entrepreneur gifts all his submissive partners. In the scene, the 31 year old actor is looking dapper in a customised suit paired with a crisp white shirt and a tie, while the 24 year old actress looked sensual in a gray dress. This is not the first scene where we see the crackling chemistry between Jamie and Dakota. They have been filmed shooting the ‘contract scene’, the ‘cafe scene’, the ‘hardware store scene’ and now with the ‘car scene’ it is becoming even more obvious that the two get along like a house on fire.

In fact, even when they are not shooting crucial scenes together, they can be spotted enjoying and sometimes dancing on the set too. Some insiders feel that Jamie is ‘overprotective’ of Ana and that comes across whenever Ana is on the set, but gets distracted when someone comes over to talk to her, and the poor soul cannot say no. It is then that Jamie has to step in and break the conversation, but politely. Ana on the other hand is known to be the friendlier one, not that Jamie is rude or such, but he is just a little more reserved. Having said that, it is also known that Jamie is a thorough gentleman and this was evident when he was shooting for the jogging scenes in the rain. 

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