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Alliances are formed in Guns of Glory in order to create groups of people who work together to grow. There are many advantages of being in an alliance or even running your own alliance. The main advantages are that you are stronger as a group and less likely to be attacked by other players and that you reap rewards from group events such as defeating Underworld Villains, completing the Red Guard Raid Event, and working together to defeat captains in Red Guard Camps.

An alliance consists of members who have different ranks, between R1 and R5. R5 is the title granted to the leader who has more permissions than any other member in the alliance. R4 members largely consist of players who assist the leader in day to day operations of an alliance and may work as diplomats to form bonds and partnerships with other alliances. In general, leadership (R4 and R5) will grant lower level members promotions when they do things like donate to the alliance for perks or take part in events.

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