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How on F3-D auto diagnostic computer scanner and diagnostic socket connector
F3-D car diagnostic scanner is configured with various kinds of diagnostic connectors for different vehicle scanner sockets. Standard OBD-II Interface Connection According to the diagnose interface of the to-be-detected vehicle, select suitable connector for diagnostic vehicle, if the diagnostic vehicle configured with standard OBD-II diagnose interface,...
obd ii, ii interface, diagnostic socket, standard obd, vehicle, interface, diagnostic - Posted by fcar - Posted 6 Years Ago

Use F3-G scanner detection Component Control Test executive components and their
Take F3-G auto diagnostic tool as an example: 【Component Control Test】 used for testing whether electronic control executive components and their circuit action are normal. As shown in Figure 4.3.4. Note: When the test of all the executive components is completed, the screen of automotive diagnostic scanner will prom...
executive components, gauge needles, electronic control, components supported, components, control, action - Posted by fcar - Posted 5 Years Ago

Benz ME2 engine and ADS automatic damping system controller code menu
Benz ME2 engine controller code menu After entry to ME2 engine, Fcar car diagnostic code reader will display menu, select “controller code” to enter submenu. Read and execute code. Select the first item of submenu: “Read and execute code”,F3-W or F3-G vehicle diagnostic scanner first read code unit No., code, chassis No., and prompt ...
control module, rear axle, front axle, f3 w, prompt, menu, engine - Posted by fcar - Posted 5 Years Ago

Mercedes KG menu code keyless entry control procedures
Without key control, driver authentication system adopts latest wireless technology, can control door, truck, interior and exterior light, anti-theft, ignition and engine system. Fcar engine scan tool(F3-W or F3-G auto diagnostic tool) will display function menu after entry to this system. Select “controller code”, functions like initial sta...
sending card, keyless entry, engine scan, scan tool, sending, key, entry - Posted by fcar - Posted 5 Years Ago

Universal channel switching circuit and The Overall Structure of Fcar Auto Diag
In actual use, different vehicles can use the same diagnostic connector, such as OBD II, but pin of diagnosis signal might be distributed in different pins. In order to be compatible with different pins, output connector DB15 internal connection channel switching matrix of auto diagnostic scanner can realize arbitrary switching of 2-way 13 channels through ...
channel switching, switching matrix, running speed, fcar automotive, diagnostic, switching, scanner - Posted by fcar - Posted 6 Years Ago

Advantages of Flexible drive circuit
In order to meet different types of vehicle fault diagnosis interface, we designed flexible drive circuit after comprehensive analysis of structural features about all currently existing vehicle fault diagnostic interface communication circuit in the process of designing auto diagnostic tool. The so-called flexible drive circuit is a drive circuit that c...
drive circuit, flexible drive, vehicle fault, switching matrix, drive, circuit, flexible - Posted by fcar - Posted 6 Years Ago

Take the commonly used K line communication of connection method
Connection method of K line communication diagnostic socket 1、Connection method of CAN line communication diagnostic socket K line signal voltage is 1V or so lower than battery voltage, Eg, if battery 12V, then signal voltage is about 11V, battery 24V; if battery 24V, then signal voltage is about 23V. When actually measure voltage of pin on vehicle...
diagnostic socket, signal line, jumper box, ignition switch, wire, voltage, vehicle - Posted by fcar - Posted 5 Years Ago

Setting method of Audi A6/8L/Q7 brake pad replacement by Audi code reader
New model of Audi A6L/A8L/Q7 with electronic parking brake system, rear brake cylinder with electronic parking brake motor, cannot compress motor manually, must through withdrawal and release of vehicle code reader. Operation steps: 1, Connect Fcar Audi code reader 2, Turn on the ignition switch; 3, Select ”Parking brake”; 4, Select ”Ba...
code reader, brake pad, audi code, parking brake, brake, audi, input - Posted by fcar - Posted 5 Years Ago

FCAR Car OBD II Diagnostics Tool Multi-Function Information
1 Freeze Frame Data When the OBD trouble codes related to Automobile engine exhaust emissions appears, OBD-II not only set one OBD trouble codes, but also can record the relevant system operating parameters while the OBD trouble codes appear. The series data are called froze frame data: it includes Engine RPM, vehicle speed, air flow, engine load, fuel ...
obd ii, electronic control, data stream, control unit, parameters, obd, electronic - Posted by fcar - Posted 5 Years Ago

How to use fcar f3-d heavy duty tool solve Man Engine poor acceleration
MAN Vehicle mode: MAN Date of manufacture: June, 2000 Driving : 645201KM VIN:WMAT31ZZZYM303495 Fault phenomenon: This vehicle dirving powerless, engine unable to accelerate, EDC light on. Fault diagnosis: This vehicle is electronic control system, to diagnose with Fcar F3-D heavy duty scanner,connect testing cable to test head and main unit respectively,(dia...
pressure sensor, data stream, temperature sensor, water temperature, temperature, sensor, pressure - Posted by fcar - Posted 5 Years Ago

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