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Berkeley Patients Group

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Published 2 Years Ago
Understanding the Effects and Medical Uses of Cannabis (Marijuana)
Looking for the best cannabis dispensary in Berkeley, please visit

Published 3 Years Ago
How Can I Order My Marijuana Products Delivered?
One of the many factors that make cannabis delivery services east bay so appealing is the fact that they can be delivered discreetly to any location in the Bay Area. No one wants to be the person who announces to the world that they have an amazing new cu

Published 3 Years Ago
California Wins Small Government Fight to Legalize Medical Marijuana
Berkeley Patients Group gave its best to Legalize Medical Marijuana in California. Berkeley Patients Group proves that marijuana has very value in medical. And we continue to persuade the cannabis industry organizations to also pay for the positive social

Published 3 Years Ago
Berkeley Patients Group Control Diseases through Weed Dispensary
The Berkeley Patients Group serves thousands of patientís diseases through its "Weed Dispensaries".

Published 3 Years Ago
"Weed Dispensary" Brings Medical Marijuana to East Bay
"Weed Dispensary" is a project of the new dispensary located at 30 Prospect Street, formerly known as the Smelly pasta site, and is operated by the newly formed Patients' Healthcare Alliance.