Sing and Dance to the Music of GLEE!

Posted by georginabelikov on August 19th, 2010

Ever since the first ever episode of the award winning TV show Glee, more and more people have been hooked up with the voices and dance moves of these young group of people, including of course their hot teacher with the Justin Timberlake hair.

The series began with Glee having only geek members, who are considered the lowest class of people in the school. Mr. Schuester, a Spanish teacher who was also a Glee club member back when he was in highschool wanted to be the one to head the club. He wanted to do so since he has this passion for both singing and dancing, and with being a Glee club member before, he felt like he had to continue what they have started in their time. He was given the chance by the principal, and there begins the story. He was able to bring in more members to the club, with the help of its geek members. Some members of the cheerleading squad and the football team even joined them.

Unlike the usual TV shows, Glee has brought in a different type of show, especially with their music. While most shows feature crimes, diseases, and other problems that are encountered in life, Glee has a very different theme. They aimed for the soft spots of people, and they have succeeded in gaining millions of viewers not only in the US but worldwide as well. A lot of people can relate to what is happening in the story. Both adults and teenagers can understand perfectly what the story is all about, since they have been through that stage also. Although not everyone has been a member of some glee club or cheerleading squad or football team back in highschool, most have experienced the problems that these kids go through. Most people had love problems back in high school, when you fell in love with the wrong person or you had a love that you lost because of the wrong timing. With all these issues present in this show, it is very appealing to most individuals.

Coupled with wonderful music, Glee certainly reached top of the charts with its millions of viewers. Although they mostly sing other artists' songs, they have added a twist to it. Their voices really blend well, and they have included dance moves which are a bit simple but simply amazing. What's more, they have incorporated the songs in the story such as singing Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne when Quinn was feeling down because she is pregnant. They also have themes on other episodes such as singing the songs of Madonna in one, Lady Gaga in another, and a lot more. These really make the show interesting. You will not just look forward to what will happen next but you will also want to know what they are going to sing in that episode.

One great thing about Glee is that they really point out that life is about winning and losing. There are times that you will win, but there will also be times that you will lose. Life is not a bed of roses after all. There are always thorns that will make your journey challenging.

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