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Creation Crests

Creation Crests are items that can be embedded into your creation’s equipment. These are extremely important to pay attention to as refining them can have a drastic impact on your attack power, defense, hit points and parry damage. As you progress through the catacombs the game will automatically reward you with crests for completing floors. It is up to you to embed the crests into your equipment and refine the crests to their maximum level.

As a strategy of using crests to proceed through floors in the catacombs we suggest to use the Warrior talent tree paired with executioner equipment. When refining the crests, refine each crest equally until all of your crests are level 4. At this point, proceed to refine Defense (Steadfast) and Hit Points (Recovery) crests. As you do this, each crest will carry you further through the 8th level until ultimately you will be able to complete 8-10 by either enhancing your equipment, refining your crests and doing creation research (or a combination of all 3).

Types of Creation Crests that are available:

  • Berserker Crest (Improves Creation Attack)
  • Force Crest (Improve Creation Firepower)
  • Rebellion Crest (Improves Creation Parry Damage)
  • Steadfast Crest (Improves Creation Defense)
  • Recovery Crest (Improves Creation Health)
  • Onslaught Create (Greatly Improves Creation Attack)

By refining your crests you will find that you creation can become much stronger relatively quickly.

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