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Gold Event

Gold Event

The Gold Event is one of the most prominent parts of the game. This event lasts a full week and is divided between several stages where you compete against others in your kingdoms for points and a chance at ranking in the top 10. There are rewards at the end of each stage as well as at the end of the Gold Event. So you can receive rewards for a high ranking in one stage and additional rewards for your final rank at the end of the Gold Event.

The stages that make up the Gold Event consist of the following (in the following order):

  • Gathering Stage
  • Building & Upgrade Stage
  • Astrologer Stage
  • Training Stage
  • Kill Event

Each stage offers it’s own rewards for completing it, your total accumulated points between all 5 stages is your total score at the end of the Gold Event which determines the rewards your will receive for participating.

Even if you have a lower level castle, it is still possible to achieve high rankings in the Gold Event. By dedicating yourself to finishing well in each stage, you can find yourself with a Top 10 ranking by the end of the event. There are tricks to achieving a high ranking in each stage and we will provide you with tips, tricks and strategies for making it into the top 10, if not #1 ranked in each stage!

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