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Kill Event

This part of the Gold Event largely determines the Top 10 players and who will receive the best rewards, however to be a part of the Top 10 at the end of the Gold Event can come at a cost. Even if you performed extremely well in other stages of the Gold Event, if you do not perform well in the Kill Event you will quickly get pushed out of the top 10. So it is up to you to determine whether you want to take part in this part of the Gold Event or not.

If you are participating in the Kill Event here are some things to take into consideration while playing as both skill, strategy and being able to act on a moments notice will affect your outcome.

  • Acquire discounted Advanced Teleports and Random Teleports in the Market Stall in the week(s) prior to the Kill Event.
  • Prior to the Kill Event, bookmark locations that will be suitable for you to hunt in.
  • It can be in your best interest to hunt in groups or with reinforcement troops from a stronger castle before leaving your hive.
  • When attacking, you should usually scout first and if you are concerned about getting attacked while you are attacking another player, use a strategy that entails attacking with all of your troops, which may include multiple marches.
  • To take a break during the kill event, use a 2 hour peace shield. After the peace shield drops, you are free to attack again without penalty.
  • Killing higher level troops is more effective and will give you more points than killing low level troops.

The Kill Event portion of the Gold Event lasts 3 Days. Some kingdoms have Ultimate Alliance Campaign (UAC) during this event, while others have Kingdom vs Kingdom (KVK). Established kingdoms generally have peace during this time in order to take part in the other events.

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