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Troop Training Stage

This is a great stage to take part in if you are upgrading your troops! It is entirely possible to rank #1 especially if you are upgrading your entire army. In most cases you might only train enough troops to receive the main reward, but if you have recently upgraded your buildings and are ready to switch over your army from T9 to T10, you can have your entire army converted in all of 15 minutes.

Normally, the process of upgrading your army in this fashion can take days, weeks, even over a month to get your army just the way you want it. But, by utilizing Troop Training Stage and some clever tricks, you can do well over a month of training in just a few minutes!

In order to make the most of your speedups and resources, do the following:

  • Upgrade your Military Tents to the highest level possible
  • Use equipment that increases your training capacity and reduces training cost, ie. Iron Helmet, Ring of Protection and Heart Locket.
  • Use the Drill Drums Temporary Wonder to increase troop training speed 20%
  • Equip Galileo with 5 Star Prowess Benefits to increase troop training speed an additional 60%
  • Ask the King to use the Wartime Draft to increase training speed by 30% and to use Recruitment Drive to reduce training costs by 30%
  • Reset your Talent Tree to Balance, applying as many points to Troop Training Capacity and Training Speed as possible.
  • Activate the Population Surge Talent to reduce training time by 25% for 30 minutes

With all of these benefits stacked in place, you can quickly convert an entire army in minutes and gain millions in power, even if you have several hundred thousand troops to upgrade.

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