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Attack Strategy

The games of Guns of Glory is largely an attack and defend based game which also incorporates a large amount of diplomacy and strategy. If you are attacking other groups within your own kingdom you will want to be sure you are stronger then anyone in their entire alliance. If you attack an alliance and their strongest player can overpower you, you can quickly find yourself with huge losses in troops as a speed hit can happen quickly and devastate huge amounts of troops that you have at home.

A great way to learn attack strategies is to take part in UAC (Ultimate Alliance Campaign), where losses are forgiven and heal quickly in the kingdom hospital. When your troops are in the hospital and you are actively playing it is better to heal in 30 minute batches rather than heal them all at once which could leave you with no troops for 5 hours or longer. By healing small groups, you always have troops at the ready to attack or defend as necessary.

Kingdoms that have not yet entered into the Kingdom vs Kingdom battle to secure the crown the to the throne of their kingdom generally have a lot of in-fighting between alliances for power. These battles can be costly as the players who lose the troops could spend many weeks or even months recovering from a significant loss. Those losses can compound over a long period of time and set you back. It is always important to have a good understanding of your opponent and pre-plan your attacks sometimes weeks in advance. By watching their hive, their behavior and studying their members you can give yourself an advantage to defeating your opponents and giving them one choice which is to surrender under your conditions.

Some examples of campaigns like this may be that your alliance needs more resources or more members. If another alliance refuses to merge with you, you can use war as an option to halt them from gathering resources, destroying their buildings and demoralize them by killing their troops and plundering resources from undefended estates. Although this may sound destructive, you can give your opponents a choice to join your alliance or continue to suffer and face you on the battle field.

Later in the game you will find yourself fighting in the Spirit Mines and Musketeer’s Fort. Here you can test your strength against other players without the threat of taking troop losses. Not only that, you can change your formations, equipment, adjust your airship and make other changes to quickly improve your strength. By doing some fine tuning you can take what started out as a loss to a victory. You can learn a lot by studying the Battle Report that is provided in any battle. Most players look directly at the stats provided in the Battle Report as a means of who should win the battle however troop formation has a huge effect on the outcome of a battle.

Some things you can do to your troop formation to increase your odds of winning a Player vs Player battle is to have sufficient infantry to defend against cavalry and distance troops while having enough cavalry and distance troops to defeat their infantry and ultimately give yourself an easy win as cavalry and distance troops are not as well equipped for defense as infantry. Also, if you are sending artillery, you can try removing them from your march formations entirely as they are not only slow to march but that are configured to destroy traps and poor at killing troops.

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