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Troop Formations

Troop Formations

Each lord can have up to 3 different troop formations. With these formations you can quickly select between one or another where you consistently use different formations for different tasks.

Formations you might consider setting up include:

  • PVE Troop Formation (Player vs Enemy or Beast)
  • PVP Troop Formation (Player vs Player)
  • Gathering Troop Formation
  • Fast Moving Troop Formation

PVE Troop Formations

A PVE Troop Formation is one of the most important troop formations you can implement into your Drill Grounds. By utilizing the right level of troops, right type of troops and the right number you can do several times more damage than if you just attack with the default set of troops that are selected.

In order to get the absolute best formation for attacking the Wolf Lord during the Kingdom Threat Event, fighting Underworld Villians, Red Guard Camps and Beasts found throughout the Kingdom Map it is recommended to train some of every level and every type of troop. If you can train up to T9 troops, you will need a combination of T1-T9 troops. To determine the absolute best troop formation, we suggest to try the PVE Troop Formation calculator from Revenge.Game.

When creating your PVE Troop Formation, it may take 1-2 months to fully dial in your troop formation and do the most damage to in game enemies. If you wish to speed this modification up, we suggest to use tips provided in our Gold Event Troop Training Stage guide. This will help you get your troops trained up in a few minutes rather than spending days training your troops.

To create a PVE Troop Formation manually, you can create a troop formation that you think will be strong (based on your stats and the strength of your troops) and attack the Wolf Lord. This will normally consist of a small number of Infantry for Defense, a larger number of Cavalry and Distance to damage the Wolf Lord and again a smaller number of artillery.

If you attack the Wolf Lord a second time with the exact same troop formation you will notice you will do the exact same amount of damage to him (unlike the results you will see when doing Underworld Gates where you will notice the damage varies depending on how many people are in your rally). By utilizing this feature you can make small adjustments to your troop formation. Every time the damage you deal to the Wolf Lord increases, keep your changes, if your damage drops, reverse your change. Since the Wolf Lord appears once per week, you have 10 tries each week to dial in your troop formation for the most damage.

PVP Troop Formations

PVP Troop Formations largely consist of your highest level troops with the most attack power and damage. To create the best PVP Troop Formation, you can start by creating a formation that you believe will work well. A good starting point is 25% Infantry, 35% Cavalry and 40% Distance. Use mostly your highest tier troops in this formation with few lower level troops in the formation where some troops are more equipped to deal damage and mitigate damage.

To fine tune this formation you can visit the Spirit Mines and find a player that you simply cannot beat. By making adjustments to your formation you should note any changes where you kill more of their troops than you had previously. You might try this 5 or 10 times against any single player and then do the same thing against another player. Eventually, you will find yourself with a hard hitting PVP Troop formation that can not only attack well but can defend you against attacks you might otherwise lose.

Gathering Formations

A troop gathering formation will largely consist of troops that have a large load capacity, usually artillery units. If you have a large army, you generally will not need to use a gathering formation, but if you have a smaller army and are in an alliance that has an Alliance Farm, Lumberyard, Iron Mine or Silver Mine, it may be in your best interest to send mostly artillery troops to that location to gather as long as possible while other troops can go out and clear tiles as normal.

Fast Moving Troop Formation

A fast-moving troop formation will consist of a number of cavalry units. These can be used to collect items on the map during events where a large number of slower troops take too long to collect and only one troop needs to go to a specific location on a map. These formations can also be used during the Ultimate Alliance Campaign in order to plunder buildings where you will be easily overpowered by stronger players. The specific number of cavalry units you put in this formation is entirely up to you and can range from just one unit to the entire amount it requires to fill your march capacity.

Another tip for using this formation is to move a castle that is in your way. If you have cleared a castle of all of it’s troops and want the wall to be destroyed, every time you hit the estate (even with a small amount of cavalry troops) it will extend the 4 Damage Per Minute for an additional 30 minutes. You may have to hit an empty estate 30-50 time in order to entirely destroy it’s wall, when which it does, it will be teleported to a random location on the map. The process of burning a wall to complete destruction can take over a day to complete, but if you hit it 50 times up front, the entire damage will be done whether you continue to hit the estate or not.

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